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Hi :o)
Please hold Christian Filipina responsible for making their costs so RIDICULOUSLY high that it eliminates SO MANY PEOPLE from being able to even read/send messages. This site wants nearly 300.00 just so we can read/send messages.... and keep in mind that if we need to use their immigration support ( that is unnecessarily included in that cost), we can then pay an additional cost for it in the situation we would actually find a serious woman on here and we both would start talking about her coming to the United States. So for now this site can EASILY offer it's users an average of a 40.00 per month for the subscription/upgrade so we can AT LEAST send/read messages!!!

Please understand that I know this is a very long profile and so I dont expect anyone to read every word in this section, but if youre actually SERIOUS about getting to know someone for a SERIOUS relationship leading to marriage, then you would at least spend like 5 minutes of your time to at least read a few different categories in this section to get a deeper idea if you would want to spend time getting to know me more :o)

7) INTIMACY: this is NOT dirty talk...this concerns my disability


Im just a country-type boy, hard worker, and I unconditionally respect a relationship ONLY being between ONE man and ONE woman whereby I EXPECT the same from her.

I wanted to be married even back in my early 20's, but from then till now, the relationships were ended because of liars, manipulators, cheaters, and otherwise them not taking their part seriously. So after all these years Im feeling very hopeless anymore for me finding a good, faithful, loyal, considerate wife

I would love to finally find my maybe little bit shy but lonely country-type girl. Non-trendy, non-materialistic, doesn't care about fashion, dresses modestly and keeps her private areas of her body covered up while in public like the Word of God says, and not doing what the trends/world influences us to think is ok to do.

Well, I did a fair recovery from a spinal cord injury that paralyzed my lower half. I gained back approx 70% range of motion but still genuinely thankful for being able to walk with practical crutches. Still use wheelchair on daily basis but at times can do without when I wont have to walk far distances or when transporting my chair might become bothersome. I mastered most steps in my chair but recently started backing off of the crazy things I do in it ;o)

Can climb ladders, operate tractors, & do just about anything I set my mind to accomplish which is quite often but yeah theres definitely things still need help with :)


Most likely is best if she is 30-40yo. Likes to cuddle. From slim to average...please respect the fact that this is a country farm-style life here and so all of us need to be and stay in good shape to manage the lifestyle here.

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A BEAUTY QUEEN OR SUPER MODEL :I actually think what society considers a woman to be average looking, is prettier than a super model.

Im not looking for perfection but does keep up her appearances, and not like the women who who stop trying to look attractive after they get the man they want

I am not looking for a girlie princess whose been pampered all or much of her life. I certainly need someone who has enthusiasm and dedication being ready to do what it takes for the country-style living which is different than city life

If saying you just want a man who will accept you the way you are, please please please start reading the complete Word of God because there are many direct examples for how none of us are perfect, and therefore all of us will be making changes for the betterment of the relationship ...AND YES :o) this includes ME and so YES there are changes that I WILL BE having to make for you as well. If you dont want having to make any changes and everything you do is already perfect or otherwise good enough for your partner, then I'm sorry but I feel very sad for you because that type of attitude will never produce a healthy relationship with your husband or with God.

Yep, we can definitely try to compromise on things so we both come to a happy medium :)


I often like putting in a good days work around the homestead...electrical, mechanical, carpentry, yard, landscaping, gardening, etc work that's necessary to be done to upkeep things and because this house was my grandparent's and has gotten old which needs me to do much repairs on it so you and me will have a nice home to take care of each other :o) guess I'm more of a homebody but yep I certainly get tired at times of being around the house and so I like taking drives and travel a little to see the country side and finding those things you wont find in the city. I like going to flea markets and those unique country stores. I genuinely love to cuddle and massage. Going out once in a little while to eat at a restaurant. I like sitting around a fire in back yard and relax to enjoy the moment.. Cooking a steak and potato on the grill while we have fun talking about the things we did together that day :o)

I built a chicken coop for at least 25 chickens but invasive coyotes killed them and so I put that on hold for now. I have a couple apple and cherry trees, a concord grape harbor, and a 40' x 40' garden for maybe growing some of our own food and canning them. I love homemade tomato sauce for spaghetti and yes I can cook and bake too :o)

I dont like watching sports unless they are extreme sports, and I dont watch much tv anymore but hey I like to cuddle and so I would watch a little bit of tv and movies with ya :o) , but I'm not interested in much of this modern stuff thats been on tv/movies & so why I dropped my prime cable tv over 10 years ago. I do like movies as Spider Man, Jumanji, Dumb N Dumber, but I dont need anything that they dont have morals whereby them having to say f--ck this/that and other constant profanity throughout the movie


I own my house on 2 acres of land. I inherited this house which was my grandparent's house & I can not relocate because of the memories here where I was raised.

Unfortunately, due to my situation of being disabled, it makes things very difficult for me to travel far distances and I will not be able to come to the Philippines to first meet you and your family

So what have you already researched and know about the immigration laws/situations? Do you know that the man is not going to do all of the work, right ;o) You have a responsibility also and so you cant just post a profile and talk with the guy while expecting everything else to be handed to you on a silver platter...we both have to be determined to work diligently in this relationship , ok :)

JUST TO BE CLEAR: I AM NOT asking you for money...I am merely making you aware of the US government's laws that we will have to work around and find a way:

I am on SSDI (Social Security Disability Income) only receiving approx 11, 500 US dollars a year. Even though 11, 500 is enough for you and me to live modestly but comfortably here in the United States, the 11, 500 is actually not a lot of money here in the US according to my government's perceptions and so my government's immigration laws says I need to have an income of around 16, 900 UNLESS she was to somehow be contributing to the household's income for when she comes to live with me, and so for this to work, it is very likely that you will need to have a work visa to show my government that you are going to contribute to the household.

I WAS TOLD BY THIS SITE'S CUSTOMER SUPPORT THAT THERE ARE WAYS AROUND this situation of me being on SSDI income, and it would probably come in the form of my fiance getting a work permit for the United States, obtaining a job as proof of additional income to our household here in the United States and then we would meet the requirements of my government's laws for getting married.


Although I am probably closest to the Baptist religion, I have become non-denominational whereby going by what the complete Word of God says and not doing what so many people do which is appeasing their own desires by only making the Word of God say what they want, versus what the complete and actual Word of God says.

I'm looking for someone who at least believes in God through Jesus Christ and not in conjunction with Mary mother of Jesus or the saints... this means sorry but I am most likely not compatible with the Catholic religion UNLESS you do NOT pray to Mary or the saints, do not recite the rosary, and you do NOT give Mary any more reverence than her having been VERY blessed by God to be such a VERY important role in God's plan for Jesus to be born by her.... God's word makes UNDENIABLY clear that no one comes to the Father but through His son Jesus Christ, and there is ONLY one mediator between us and God and that is Jesus Christ.

If you agree with the gay life styles, it wouldn't work between us... those who read and study the complete Word of God knows that the lgbtq is an abomination unto Him and He created us to have a one-on-one relationship between a man & woman


I WILL UNDOUBTEDLY put you before my friends/family...well unless you want to come in 2nd place ;o) lol but hey, If you like 2nd place to your husband's friends/family, I guess thats your choice and I cant force ya to come in 1st place if ya dont wanna ;o)

However I rightfully expect to come before your friends/family.

Please understand that I like kids and I have even willingly and happily helped previous girlfriends raise their kids. However I am very sorry but if you have kids living with you or you will want to have kids in the future, this is not possible for me.

MOST men can not afford the expensive costs of bringing you plus your kids into the United States... and especially since China released the covid virus on the world and caused the loss of millions of jobs, lost and reduced incomes, has raised the costs of food and supplies, and therefore has GROSSLY HURT our economies.

Concerning you and me bringing kids into this world, Im heading towards 50yo whereby I would then be around 70yo before our kids moved out of our house, and so no thank you ;o)


I WANT TO MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR :o) ...I AM NOT here just looking for sex, and I AM NOT here being perverted, but I must make you aware of the sexual issue because of the previous problems I often had with women not wanting to get involved with me or leaving me because of my disability. And so I would much rather have brought this issue up now instead of like the previous situations of me spending A LOT of time getting to know someone, but then have the problems of when it came time to discuss sex in our relationship & they walked away from me cause of things being different from how they just want to do things their way

I'm trying to find a woman who loves me, is very considerate for me, she cares for who I am, and so she understands my needs & desires for sex within our relationship/marriage whereby she will be sympathetic to my insecurities and inabilities

So how about you? ...if your husband had all of a sudden become disabled, would you be WILLINGLY patient & unconditionally dedicated to try and learn new things to meet his new disability conditions or would you cheat on him? or would you leave him? or would you ignore his sexual desires for you? & how about if you were disabled and needed your husband to learn the new changes in your situation?

Please realize that many paraplegics regain their ability to have an erection but where the difficult things to explain is how we have nerve damage & so things aren't as readily sensitive like they were before we were injured, & since each person's results from an injury is often unique, determination and experimentation is for finding those techniques that keeps things stimulated.


I actually dont listen to much music anymore. I listen to Oldies, Classic 70s 80s 90s rock, soft rock, some pop rock, & Shaggy is ok because I want you to be my "angel".... that's name of one of his songs :)

PINK FLOYD is my very favorite band (please search Wish You Were Here and tell me what you think of this song) but sorry ABSOLUTELY NO rap, hip hop, jazz, classical, opera, or most of the modern stuff the newer generations call music ;o)

and yes, I certainly like Christian music ... mainly the old time gospel hymns but I also like a few of the newer ones.


The bar scene is out of the question...with enough past experience, I promise you will near ALWAYS find the largest known supply of liars & people pleasers! So if youre into clubbing/bar scene, it wouldnt work out.

I rarely ever drink but if wanting me to drink with you from time to time, well that's a different story then :o)


Please understand how communication is extremely important, and so if you do not speak at least good English, then there will be too many problems that eventually leads to frustration for you and him. I do not expect someone to speak fluent English, but they at least need to speak good to very good English to help significant reduce the amount of misunderstanding between two people ...

I mean, this a serious situation of two people trying to see if they have enough in common with each other from the beginning in order to see if they are compatible enough up to that point for them to consider getting to know each other more, and so if there are problems understanding each other then things will not go very well. .

When messaging me ( In case I can ever actually read a message here) please put the word "blue" (my favorite color :) as in your message because that shows me the ones who had respect & integrity to genuinely first read & learn about a person & therefore not just jumping to contact them only based on his pics.

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