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62 Years Old, Male

USER ID: 1759302

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About Peter

USER ID: 1759302

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A mature Christian believer with many interests who is still desirous of having a family. I was born to be a dad.


I would be happy to send photographs after a conversation is established and in advance of a video chat, so that you can see whom you will be talking to.

To woo you is a privilege, and (despite the distance) should be pursued with a reserved passion and an earnestness that leaves little on the table.

Who YOU are:

You are a Christian woman of integrity. You are someone who believes in loyalty but not blind loyalty; someone who knows the things on which she would not compromise; someone who is eager to learn and wants to excel at whatever she chooses to do; an ambitious woman who is not afraid of making something from scratch. Someone who will remind me not to take myself too seriously and who possesses an inquiring mind and knows that not everything can be taken at face value. Someone who knows that there is a difference between value and price. A. lady with a sense of propriety - one who understands that there is a time and a place for everything, that is, a woman of class and culture. A lady who knows that there is no point in loving unless you love deeply; and that interdependence in a relationship, not independence, is the more important element of the two.

My mate believes in a partnership, she wears my name, knows that she is a princess and the queen of my life and of our household and country. It is we, under God.

Because you are a woman of independent thought, you mull things over and you do not hop onto every trend bandwagon because it is popular or comfortable to do so.

You represent yourself confidently and intelligently and you have the humility to to say that you do not know something instead of pretending or professing to know and thereby embarrassing yourself.

You have people skills and the emotional intelligence to read people without being judgemental, but you use your judgement wisely to avoid danger or compromising situations.

It is difficult for you to take someone into your confidence and they have to prove to you over time that they are trustworthy; and you KNOW that there are some things that should never be uttered to even your most trusted girlfriend and you always know what those things are.

Trust is paramount to me, and I do tend to be trusting, but I have felt the serrated knife of betrayal, however, if I had a million dollars and it was the only money that I had, and I gave it to you and you selfishly spent it all on yourself, it would be money well spent (I would not have to ask you a question). That is the extent of the trust that I will have in you because you have given me reason to trust.

And every day you and I will live out our joint creed that we were both born originals and will not die as copies.

Who I am:

I am an old-fashioned romantic who knows that my best and most productive years are ahead, and I have learned that you can have all the material comforts in the world but without someone with whom to share them, they mean nothing.

I like to be well turned out. My personal style is eclectic and somewhat understated, and I hold to the belief that certain things are timeless and/or change very slowly (if at all) while some dress fads should be left well alone.

I love to cook and if at all possible, the first meal that we share will be one that I prepare. I am appreciative of different cultures. I am a soccer fanatic who will be returning to the gym shortly to regain my fitness and I plan to take up ballroom dancing in the spring.

Many years ago I used to doodle quite well but when sport began to take up more of my time, I dropped it. Since then, my appreciation of art was largely confined to photography, a hobby that I will be reconnecting with soon. In quiet moments I complete the odd crossword.

I seldom attend movies but I am partial to epics about war, conflict and history, probably because war and conflict bring out the best and the worst in people and it is enlightening to observe this and learn from it.

Much of my time and energy outside of regular working hours is spent in volunteer activity, mostly utilising my qualifications as a TEFL/TESL.

I surprise myself sometimes by thinking deeply and analytically and I have become something of a contrarian as there is usually another perspective. On the odd occasion when I am particularly inspired, I write a poem. I like history, and I believe in logic over emotion.

A private person who has a reputation for keeping a confidence, I have something of a thoughtful - though approachable - demeanour, and one might think that I do not have a sense of humour, but you will realise that I do once you get to know me better. The saying \"to see him is to know him\" probably does not apply to me but \"to know him is to love him\" might fit..

When I am confronted by injustice, my automatic instinct is to fight it, but I also know that you do have to pick your battles.

There are a few things on which I will not compromise. They are: do not embarrass me in public, no swearing, no loose or casual racially intolerant language (i.e. do not adopt a position that you cannot defend) and no smoking.

Pet Peeves:

Poor manners, agricultural language, people who make themselves ignoramuses.

My Faults:

I have been known to be too direct on occasion i.e. too blunt; I can be a little impatient (esp. about important matters as I expect people to keep their commitments); and I can appear to be lost in my own world sometimes (unsure if this is a \"flaw\").

Even though I tend to be trusting, I will probably have some difficulty giving up \"control\" because I have been busy being single for so long, so please bear with me and forgive me.

Favourite sayings:

\"Never adopt a position that you cannot defend\"; \"A man\'s reach should exceed his grasp, or what\'s a heaven for\"; \"when emotion knocks at the front door, reason and common sense leap through the rear window\"; \"Time is the only asset that we have, that once lost can never be recovered.\"

I am not good at:

Interior decor is not my forte (but I could learn).

Things I should do more of:

I should read more, relax a little more and cultivate a few friendships.

Additional Information

Prefers to Meet Age:
18 to 37 (Strict age limits: no)
Marital Status:
Bachelors degree
Body Type:
200 lbs (90.7 Kg)
5' 11" (180 cm)
Have children:
Want children:
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