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Magandang hapon! Is that greeting appropriate?

I want to have sex again AFTER MARRIAGE, we should talk about this. I guess ladies do not want to talk about it. Ok, on our honeymoon, , they won\'t BE READY!
There seems to be quite an issue there with men not being faithful, I have read many profiles saying \'I hate liars & cheaters\', etc. I want to be clear: I intend to I honor God in all that I do, (although I still sin sometimes- bad diet, etc.). My solution: My wife & I can let each other know where we are & plan to be each day. She should feel free to check my social media profiles, etc., & I should be able to see all her info. too.
I need a lady for as long as we both shall live...,
I also realize now that I should be asking, \'What will make her happy?\'
I DO NOT WANT TO RAISE CHILDREN, although kids can be fun to be around.
He who finds a wife finds a good thing- Proverbs 18:22. I know the bible says the husband is the head of the household, how will this look in 2021 as compared to biblical times?
I think the main reason I still have erections is because I take herbal testosterone; if I can\'t obtain these herbs, for whatever reason, (the world is CHANGNG), well we should pray.
Filipinos, (& everybody else), should pray. I never have believed the official line about Coronavirus. Americans are being, essentially, encouraged NOT TO WORK, & depend on gov\'t. thiis iss not healthy for society. I guess other governments have the same attitude..
My perspective: bottom of page..
I like music from ACDC, sometimes it is very decadent/sinful. If I a m listening to KLOS FM, & they start playing \"Hells Bells\", I have to change the station- darn! I love the opening of that song.. However, \"Thunderstruck\", also by ACDC, is not bad, \"Patience\", by Guns & Roses is good, although a little heavy on the \"syrupy-sweet aspect\".
Very traditional & conservative: It is ok to look at another person before marriage, although people should be discreet. If I see you in a swimsuit, ok. I do not think it is God-honoring to touch intimate areas before marriage. Do not be surprised if I will not hug you before marriage, (unless we are wearing thick clothing), shaking hands, touching a mans\' arm is fine. The culture here is very decadent. This is a fundamental reason for the decline of western societies.
There is a Dutch guy, Wim Hof, who does cold therapy to strengthen the immune system. he holds 26 or 27 world records for cold type events: Ex.: climbing to the 23, 000 ft. level of Mt. Everest wearing only shoes, socks & short pants, no shirt.
I am trying some of his idea- taking cold showers. For .me, the value of this sort of thing is it takes me away from a boring life. Will I climb to the \"death zone\" on Mt. Everest, wearing almost no clothing? Not sure I am that bored...
C.F. has helped me in that I have not looked at pornography for several months- pursue an actual relationship instead of fantasy.
You should be mostly independent of me emotionally, financially, & I should have the same attitude about you.... (If you want to visit your lady friend for a week, but don\'t want me along, ok). I feel jealous when my lady wants to meet some other guy- (business?), she should try to include me if possible, & I should include her.
I need you to help me make good decisions, the Bible mentions this...
I definitely feel like an enigma- more than I might at first appear. I am 66 years old, I guess my workouts are a little intense, I believe I can easily lose 20 lb. In 2 weeks, if I need to.
-. I guess I am a little bored...
I often drink a little wine or beer, , right before bed.. If drinking bothers you, I can give it up.
After we get to know each other a little, I would to talk about our worst issues. Example: I do not always pay attention. Yesterday I was not focused enough at work & spent 2 extra hrs. in traffic. THE SAME THING HAS HAPPENED MANY TIMES over the years. This affects how much we can see each other.
Perspective: 51 years ago my Dad allegedly had sex with a 13 year old girl. She got an abortion. Now 64, she hates my father, he died in 2013. Hard to believe how bad a wonderful relationship can become. This showed me the importance of respecting people in general. (If the wife or husband does not want to be intimate right then, maybe they should talk).

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