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USER ID: 1618537

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i am ez going i do not date much but i need someone to spend my time with someone to tell me there thoughts and feelings someone to laugh with and have fum with lol

I work quite a lot as well as raising my fourteen-year-old son I have two other children and a grandbaby who no longer live with me they are grown and out of the house my youngest will be able starve his adult life in 2024 I'm attempting to give all the information that I can so that a young lady see my life and this side if she would like to know more about me I love riding my motorcycle when I have free time I also love cooking I'm riding my mountain bike find any great stories excites me whether they be written heard or in cinematic form a good story is just that a good story I'm looking for someone to fill in my empty spaces I am very self-sufficient having been raising my children alone most of the time since 2003 that does not mean that I don't need my better half I'm hoping that someone we'll see where I'm lacking and they will take the initiative to jump in if I forget something on the shopping list write it down or next time they go out pick it up for us that kind of thought into our relationship would go far for me I am seriously considering moving out of the United States when I retire and the Philippines is top on my list it would be a good fit if my significant other Could Live a Little Closer to her family because I do not want her to feel that she can't keep up with her normal interaction with them I would love to meet her family and learn more about their background and culture I would love for anyone who read this to send me messages and ask me questions I will respond as quickly as possible please understand when I'm working sometimes I can't hear my phone and I also am not attached to my phone like other people I have seen but I will get back to you please show me as much patience and understanding as I will show you thank you for your time I didn't mean the right so much I just wanted to give as much information as possible have a great day


Hello are you still giving update I know I have not been on the site for long and I don't have any experience in online dating and I don't go on to the site often due to working and raising my young son but I am very interested and meeting someone that I can spend the rest of my life with someone who is looking for someone like me all right I am a single father am I don't mind single mothers I am open to all conversations until I can find the one I want you to try and spend the rest of my life with I have been married before it didn't work out and I don't want to ever go through that again so I don't want to make a rush decision I'm not be with someone that I'm happy with I am so don't want to make someone miserable as the administrators have told me Filipino women don't like divorce I can tell you from experience I hated it and never want to do it again so when I picked my next mate I want it to be for the rest of my life I'm going to bring my future bride here to America but when I retire we will find somewhere else to retire to I have been researching the Philippines and it looks very promising but it is not the only option for us I would like her to keep in contact with her family whether we live next door to them or if we live in another country I will definitely you keeping in touch with my children and my one granddaughter please send me any and all questions so that we can get to know one another I don't really know what questions to ask I don't date much and it has been years since I have dated anyone so let's be respectful and have a great time thank you for taking the time to read this

This is an update March 29th 2021 1:45 p.m.

I would first like to apologize to anyone who has sent me a message like I said in my original bio I work quite a bit I'm considered an essential worker as a Tradesman so I have not been sitting at home during the coronavirus pandemic I have actually been out and working I try to take Sundays off but that doesn't always work out and when I do have Sundays off I try to spend as much time as I can with my children my granddaughter and catching up on things that need to be done around the house suffice it to say I can't juggle them all as well as I would like so I have not been going on Christian Filipina and searching for my forever mate I don't want anyone to think that I am not serious or that I am not a real person because I am serious and I am a real person however because of being a single parent with zero help from the mothers of my children I am sometimes overwhelmed and can't do a lot of things that I should for myself I am at the point where I just need to talk to someone and see if we like each other and are willing to give a relationship a shot I am seriously considering having someone come out on a 90-day Visa just to get to know each other so that they can see how I live and what I go through, I believe that seeing is a whole lot easier to believe then just words and just in case you were wondering if someone did decide to come out on a 90-day Visa she would have her own room I am not looking for someone to come out for some bedroom time and then go back to the Philippines I would rather save that when we finally decide that she is going to stay and we are going to try and make a life for ourselves I do apologize for sending so much at one time however I have been meaning to send this for weeks and I have just not been able to put it into words that I would like I hope that this reaches a nice young lady who is willing to give us a try at least for us to text and video chat some so that we can at least try to make some kind of a plan once again thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for having patience with me like I said in my previous bio I don't date much but that is because my family comes first and once you become part of my family you will have as much of my attention as my children get because you will be my mate thank you peace and prosperity to all

June 24th 2021 quick update

I now have a new granddaughter so that makes two I got a spider bite on my bottom lip I wish I had taken pictures of how swollen and black my lip has gotten but it is all healed up now I was not checking my mail my physical mail but as I was going through it I realized that I now have my passport so I'm making the necessary steps to find my forever person even though it may seem a little slow I am patient and hopefully I can find someone who's willing to be patient with me thank you for taking the time to read this have a great day


This is my newest update I have taken some time off helping my children and grandchildren like I stated previously I do not date much and I was not having the kind of luck on here as I was hoping that I would so I took that time to help out my family and not concern myself with dating but now that things are looking up especially after all of the lockdowns I will be visiting the Philippines between March and early April I'll probably only spend 30 days at most so if you are interested in meeting and getting to know me or even better if you know somewhere we can get some delicious food because I would surely like to try Philippine cuisine send me a message and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience but I will be in the Philippines between March and April of 2023 looking forward to meeting nice people language is not a concern if you do not speak English or if your English skill is low I have already purchased a translator that we can use so that we won't have a problem understanding one another I also have WhatsApp Google messenger Facebook Messenger and Duo but that's it I don't even have tiktok

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