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USER ID: 1432717

Location: United States

Hello, thank you for visiting my profile. I hope you will read it in it's entirety - thank you in advance.

I am a Christian man who has had trouble finding quality women in my area.
I am a financially stable, goal oriented, and strategically working guy. That is I layer post time and/or contact when self employment and continuing certification and education to produce the best possible outcome and intermediate and long term options for myself and those who depend upon me.

I know that Filipina are caring, loving and God fearing. I am here sincerely looking to find the right person for me. I am not here to play games. Time is of the essence.

I am looking for someone that is willing to be a mother to my wonderful daughter and I will be an understanding and loyal husband to my future wife.

It used to be that the man would take care of everything outside the home: fiinancial affairs, maintenance of the exterior and the chores that go along with that [yard, home repairs, vehicles, et cetera].

The woman would take care of everything in the house caring for the children, teaching and disciplining them, organizing, cooking, cleaning, et cetera.

There are some Christian couples, usually with children, where this is still the case. However in American society something changed:

Women were told that that arrangement was a trap and presented with a question: what if the man meets someone else and leaves you - you wouldn't be able to take care of yourself or your affairs, financially or otherwise.

They were told to develop themselves and not put their interests or own careers on hold and perform mundane, menial tasks.

The trouble with this idea of course is that all of these things have to be done and women are uniquely gifted to perform them extremely well and efficiently.

For a man, it is not natural to know about these things or do them. I have for the past 22 months and will of course continue as long as it is necessary.

But I pray for help, a true full partner in this amenity of parenthood, as my daughter is doing without some basic care, guidance and instruction.

Don't get me wrong I am doing my best, but I would be foolish not to admit to my shortcomings or be aware of the things that she is missing out on.

I have her enrolled in one of the best preschools in our city and it is expensive (more than her house), but I gladly pay it so that she has learning opportunities, friends her own age to play and commiserate with and structure during the day.

It would be such a tremendous help to have the things at home taken care of [so that I could just concentrate on the long term and intermediate plans that I have for us].

I believe there is a 3rd way and that when the time comes my wife will perhaps want to work some (even part time) or go to school, or both.

Please know that I will support her and that 100% and that there are benefits in place to facilitate that because of my military service.

BTW, her mother and I were never married and she is not involved partially by her own choice. She is not a bad person necessarily, but does not make good choices. If I get married and my wife adopts my daughter then it will sever all rights from the mother.

This was not my preference, but she has essentially forfeited her visitations and not made any effort to see her in the last 8 months. She also has not contacted us in over 5 months as of January 27th 2020.

Sometimes I see her on Facebook Messenger, but she never reaches out.
I used to try to contact her, but she would rarely it's rarely if ever respond and never in a timely manner.

She is engaged and has another child s(a 6 month old boy) so I would say she has moved on -

My daughter needs and deserves much more than that, so if you commit just know that you hold a little girl's heart in your hands who has been through a tough transition from foster care to living with just her father. She needs the sensibilities a woman's aura, awareness, energy and intuition would bring.

All that being said, she has a wonderful, big personality and loves people, animals and to explore. She is also a great communicator, quite spirited and a generally very happy child. I'm trying to make sure that she carries that forward with her into adulthood.

*special note: If you have a Visa and passport you are automatically at the top of the list because of our need and limitations.

Additional Information

Prefers to Meet Age:
21 to 49 (Strict age limits: no)
Marital Status:
Graduate degree
Caucasian (white)
Body Type:
221 lbs (100.2 Kg)
6' 1" (185 cm)
Have children:
Yes - at home full-time
Want children:
Not sure
Preferred Bible Version:
New Living Translation
Christian / Baptist
Willing to Relocate:
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