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I like you a lot MAGGIEI live on 13 acres with Mother Nature at its fineness and very quite. See the wonderful things that grow and live with us..Please don't take my age to heart I take care of myself and I don't look my age ..My family is the same way..Age to me is just a number..When it comes to true love and a person turns out to be your soul mate and loves you unconditionally like nobody ever has in your life ..You better take notice because this may be the only chance for True Happiness you will ever get..look around how many peoples heart's have been broken..Because of wrong choices we make.But think what true love would feel like from someone that would stay with you forever and show you the deepest love in the world that only god could give.I have this in my heart to offer to my partner and her family also if you are with child I have know problem stepping up to the plate and being there friend and teach them the right path to take in life and build trust with them is very important.Enjoy pure love from a gift from up above and find Happiness that makes you smile every day and Feel the Passion of true love that makes your body shake with joy and to feel the Ultimate Pleasure of two people becoming One with each-other...My Heart is filled with Hugs and Kisses and a love that will only be for my partner in my life, That's a promise and I do-not Lie..There is only one thing- I know that would stop this gift..And he hates love and kindness and people getting a long and being Happy. So who put a age on Happiness..think about this...It's not in my Bible..How about yours.Because marriages or new relationships have been destroyed from lust. People see love with there eyes , I have watched men turn the charm on and paint the women a beautiful picture, Just to get inside a women's pants, Once this is done, Watch closely , Because this picture they painted starts to fade and so do they on to another women and leave you with child ..Never taken responsibly to help with roof over your family's head , clothes, food and so on.He just wanted one thing..Devil loves it when people hurt and lose trust and faith in each other..This my friend is why True love is so rare to find for some.Who do you think is working Triple Time to make sure Gods Gift isn't ever found..This is my opinion and the things I learnt through life so far..In my world I was taught respect for women and most people today just don't have it.It is a must and if you don't give respect then your not not going to get any from me. I'm a simple man and I want a relationship without lies.I'm very Honest and only have eyes for my partner.Are children need a guide for awhile to show them right from wrong and respect for others.When they have problem's they will know it's OK to come to me and speak to me about anything.Children are just like a sponge, They soak up anything around them and that's Good Habits and Bad Habits and that's were I come in at , To teach positive thing's and try to stay away from negative thing's.This don't mean they won't fall some day, Which they will -It's apart of life, But we shall be there to pick them up and guide them again.They will learn on there own how to pick there own self up and push forward.This is something that they cannot learn from anybody but there self like it should be.But most importantly they need trust and to have a person listen to what they have to say. I have raised 13 children through my home and no only two were mine ha, But my x and I put them through school and they are out on there own. "Very positive person and always there for my family.My partner must take care of her self, i love a women that shaves her flower and keeps clean, I want to become one with my Queen Because she is my friend, my life, my soul, my lover, my Heart...She will always have my attention and also She has my... Utmost Respect for being a women..Because She is my Queen and has earned it since birth.I don't care about your past...Because we would be working on are future, If you want it.Everyone makes mistakes, I don't care what your size is or what you look like, Just be Honest with everything with me. I stand Tall and Strong to protect and Honor my Family and Friends. I'm here to fine a partner that wants to build a Solid Foundation on Truthfulness and Faithfulness..Because you can't Build anything good on lies and I surely wouldn't want to.. Communication is a very important key to happiness and a strong foundation to build our future on, Without these things we would fail.The words I speak from my lips will always be Truth...But I believe...Trust is earned not given...Because anyone can write words to paper...But to live by them is the real test. This world of ours has changed my friend, I remember when you could shake a man's hand, that was his word. Now you must watch his other hand so you don't get stabbed. Just be real and find Happiness with the gift we have been given...I believe there is a Lid for every Pot...Trick is finding it ha...I believe in the higher spirits to put us on the path for Love and Happiness..God might be sending you a message that it is time..You waited long enough..But will you see this True Love that is so rare to find or have you been hurt by someone or Something in life and have lost your trust and faith...Sometimes God might just put someone in front of you to see if you have the faith in your heart, You never know of these things till it's to late.Some will never see such a wonderful gift that we have been given, Because a lot of people live way to fast and there eyes only see lust from the outside never knowing the true meaning of love that rest inside that person, But if you can't See it, you will never Find it. Anyway I can, and you will feel what love is truly about.I love kissing my partners neck and other Part's of Her..Ha.. being silly 😋 when she is cooking or whatever she is doing, Just to show her how much I appreciate Her in my life and being who she is.Oh yes I'm a very good cook.I Want a women to show me she does love me and that is JEALOUS of other women that would try to put eyes on me . I would never look for another, I don't cheat- this just lets me know she really does love me and makes me happy to see this.Since my split up with the x oh it's been over two and a half years now.I haven't dated anyone, My choice- I have been asked out a few times, But wasn't ready yet- I'm not a man that just goes to a bar and pick some women up and have sex with her, Anyone can go get laid. I wanted to find me First, Because I don't want to be messed up in the head when meeting someone, This is important to me and my partner to be at my best...No games.Knowing what you want and going for it, This is me for sure.Now to be honest with yous and please don't take this the wrong way, I have something to tell about me.I have this thing that really turn's me on and it's, big Nipples.. Ha yes ..Sorry but I'm Honest, I just get so wild with my partner- I just loose control and I get really into her.I just melt like butter and get all tongue tied and I will do whatever she would ask, I'm like in her power. I know I'm dumb right, But for some reason I cannot help myself from this..I'm not a man that is easily taken over for women.I seen women with there Butt's hanging out of there shorts or there breast popping out of there shirt it does nothing for me.But when I'm with my partner and we
start to fool around and her nipple's are out Oh boy- She has me under her spell forever..Maybe I really shouldn't be telling my partner this right off the get go here.I apologize if this was to forward of me, I'm trying to show how very Honest I'am in all that I say, But this is not what I look for in a partner trust me far from it.I look at what's inside your heart .My face is all red from telling you this little secret I have, But I'm trying my best to show you what I'm about and not to ever keep secrets from my partner and maybe I talk to much at the wrong time.I'm not use to dating sites or dating or writing my feelings down to others, sorry I would prefer face to face and I'm not all about sex, I'm about Love deep passionate love for my partner only.I will do whatever she ask of me because she is my Queen.But anyways, The thing I miss the most is snuggling up close with a women and just look into her eyes and Kiss Her softly on her cheek and forehead and her ears and neck just a little nibble here and there and certain places to raise her temperature up , Oh boy Ha.. and I will stop there...My partner is the only one that needs to know, About them thing's.She will know she has found the love of her life time and also that this man will be there through any storm that comes to her door.She will know he will protect Her and Her Family before him self.His family and Her family become one and when he loves his partner he loves and protects all Family's, This is his duty as a man and he Honors his Princess, To keep bad from his home. I love- love notes and other things . I plant a garden every year, potatoes, corn, onions, lots of things. I have apple trees and pears. I also like to bake.. and there is nothing like homemade fresh food from your land. There is this song that fit's me well it's by a man called UP-CHURCH... and the song is SIMPLE MAN... You must see it in video, you can go to YOUTUBE and put this name in and song in.I think a lot like him and carry myself through life this same way.Well thank you for reading my profile and what you see is what you get with me, No Games here. I don't have time for such childish ways and I don't want to waste your time or mine. Just so you know.You can believe every word I write..I stand Tall and strong..I do-not change like the weather and I won't paint you a pretty picture or sugar coat anything..I'm just a simple man with a lot of love to give to the right person, That's all nothing more-nothing less and I will earn your trust so you don't need to give it, Because trust should be earned not just given, And Please lady's NO PICS..I know what breast look like and don't talk dirty your better then that.So if your talking to someone now and you think he is OK and speaks the truth, Good luck and I hope he is telling you the truth.Just be careful a lot of scammers.Now it's up to you if you and me should be together the signs will be there and we will feel them or maybe you would just like to chat and become friends, I'm a good listener and it don't cost you a thing .Also my pic on profile I look the same nothing changed.-Thank you ..Jeffrey

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