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Hi! I'm Angel, 33 years old, single.

I'm a Christian since I was kid. I love the Lord with all my heart. I grow up in a Christian family.
Where does Grace end? Is it the time you have neglected all the beautiful things God has done for you? Is it the time you have turned your back on the things He entrusted you to do? Is it in defeat? Does it end in sorrow? In weakness or in chosen flaws? Does it end when you say you are already letting go? Truth is, I do not know. If everyone around you has given up already, will you also give up too?
Many times I have talked to myself. It must have been hard for God to see me shattered in pieces. Countless times I reminded myself that as my heart breaks, His breaks too. But still, I was frozen. The only time I was moved was when I moved away from Him. I couldn't blame anyone nor point fingers to what I think is wrong. I thought I couldn't find answers so I resorted to making my own.
I allowed myself to be so far away, to be drowned in a pit that I myself dug. I did not give Him a chance to pull me back and though He could do it without my consent. He allowed me to be distant-far enough for me to see that I am nothing without Him. He allowed me to be broken and lose it all. But again, it was not to hurt me but to teach me of the beauty of His love.

Then I realized a very beautiful truth: those imperfections are His opportunity to make us better. Our heartbreaks are His way to make us whole.

Sometimes, we may go through difficulties that will lead us to turn our backs on the challenges we have in our ministry. There are also times when we tend to focus on fixing our own problems making us forget that when we have surrendered our lives to God, we are no longer in control. In defeat and weakness, He teaches us an important lesson: to trust His way and obey wherever path He leads us to. There are times when we face hardships that falter our faith to Him more that ever. While there are other times that He allows us to suffer not because He doesn't care but because He also wants to know how much we care-for Him, for the mission, and fir His work.

You see we are all undeserving;unworthy of all the things He has given, is giving, and will give. And certainly, it is always comforting to know that His love is endless and that His blessings and limitless. But the question is, how long can you stand the fact that you can accept even if you have neglected to give back? Even if you have walked astray from the path of His love? I pondered and though I was lost in what I looked as unfathomable. He was gracious to let me know.

At the end of the day, we are only humans. We commit mistakes, fall short in so many things, and get hurt and disappointed. But these are not reasons for us to hidw ourselves from the consequences of our wrong actions. But these should be our conviction to all the more seek God's wisdom and ask help in constant, sincere and steadfast prayer. Problems may pile up so high that it may seem that we cant withstand it but it is our time to make our faith higher through His never ending mercy and goodness. Remember, every problem is a lesson and every struggle is a reminder on how far we can go.

I, for once, did not see myself as someone who can inspire others through qitks for I know my transgressions and my flaws. But at this moment, I will be that someone, who will remind some of you that God is not yet done with you;that your mistakes are not His turning point to leave you. Furthermore, it is His greatest opportunity to mold you to become the best version of yourself. Right now, I am only that someone who will remind every single one of you who feels like giving up is an easier option. Remember that God will never give up on you. We may not have all the chances in the world, the opportunities that we long to have, but what was given to us is something beyond our imagination. It is GOD's grace that will abound- grace that will always be around.

Thank You Lord 😇🙏🙌

Thank you my future husband

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