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Hello everyone..

I am not a gold digger...
All l want is to find someone who has a genuien heart

Someone who is faithful and God-fearing
Someone who is stick to one and honest
Someone who is loving and caring
Someone who is romantic and love surprises...

Someone who will accept me and my son as his own family...

I know it is so hard to find that kind of person but l do believe that there's no impossible thing in God's glory

l do believe that God will provide me the guy that l deserve to have one day when everything will gonna be ok.

I am a high school teacher by the way..

All l wish in life since birth is to find and marry someone who will love me like a woman and treasure me like his only one..

At the age of 35 l really thought l will die single and will never have a kid of my own.

I am not an easy girl.. Even if l am afraid that l will die single, l am still very keen of observing my suitors' attitudes..

I am very particular with the behaviour..

I don't care about his status in life all l care is the love and effort that he showed to me until l found someone whom l thought had the things l want in a guy..

He is not a professional..

My father and siblings don't like him because he is 11 years younger than l am but he proved to them that age is just a number..

He just work as a traffic officer but he spoiled me with gifts and attention..

He always surprised me every minute of the day that is why l learned to love him.

He showed me how much he love me and fight for me even if my family is against him and because of that l agree to marry him..

Before our wedding he went and work in Saudi to earn money for our weeding

But he want me to get pregnant before he go, to make sure that l will not find someone else..

After knowing l am pregnant he was happy and left to work abroad

But after a month his profile picture in fb was changed with his picture and a girl

I called and asked him about it and he just said he don't knew about it but the girl said they were lover

He denied and give his password to me and asked me to changed his password and profile pic to ours and from that on l learned that l was not the only girl she promised to marry with..

I cried and want to broke up with him but he said he will commit a suicide if l will do it..

He asked for another chance and just because we l am already pregnant and l do hope that he will then treasure me, l gave him another chance but just before l deliver our baby l found out that he had another account and had a relationship with another girl..

I cried and cried and l had a force labor..

I deliver a dead baby girl

He asked for forgiveness and l still forgive him but before his contract ended l again found out another account with another name but with his picture on it and in a relationship with another girl..

I broke up with him..

I joined this site an found friends...
Get to know each other but still afraid to have a relationship with someone until he got home
Ask for forgiveness but my heart became hard as a stone..

He used to befriend with my family again but l am firm and l decided not to befriend with him..

He used his aunt who is a friend of mine to set me up in his aunt's house and something happened to us and l got pregnant...

And because of that l was forced to marry him and the marriage was done..

After our wedding l taught myself to trust and love him again..

I gave him chance to prove to us that he really change for the better and he did..

But they are right.. Once born a cheater will always be a cheater...

Now he abandoned us because he was bored with me and find someone who is of his kind...

Someone who love night life and drink liquor..
Someone who wear bikini and mini skirts..
Someone who is liberated and love gambling...

A girl who is very opposite of me..

I tried to talk to him because we do have a son but he choose her over us..

He just asked me to signed on the agreement that he will support our son and give half of his salary as long as l will not bother him and he will no longer bother me But for now he don't have a job so l can't forced him to support our son's needs..

He said that l can file an annulment if l want to marry another guy but he will never helped me in paying the processing fee of the annulment because he had nothing to pay for he is jobless..

That is why I joined this site hoping to find someone who will accept and love not just me but also my son.

Someone who will treat my son like his own...

Someone who is willing to marry me and take me and my son out from our country

Someone who is willing to help me finance our annulment for me to be free to marry legally..

I do trust that through this site l will find my happiness in God's glory..

Additional Information

Prefers to Meet Age:
40 to 65 (Strict age limits: no)
Marital Status:
Graduate degree
Filipina / Filipino
Body Type:
99 lbs (44.9 Kg)
5' 0" (152 cm)
Have children:
Yes - at home full-time
Want children:
Preferred Bible Version:
English Standard Version
Christian / Catholic
Willing to Relocate:
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