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I am Aleya , a 20 years of age. I was born on the 15th day in the month of March, on the year of the Tiger, 1998. I'm the fifth child in the family of the children that consist of 5 female.

I actually came from a broken family, I haven't seen my mother and my other siblings since the day they was separated. And I don't really much remember the early years of my infant life as I never heard some explanation from my father.

Only my father who raised me till I finished my grade 4 year. He stand as my mother and father to me and I know it was really hard for him to do such things that only mother can do. But he do his very best to live us well.

But then my father met a girl and that girl was the reason why me and my father had an misunderstanding and to get separated. I felt the so much pain and hurt also but I realized that I am not the one who can give to him the happiness, i mean the true happiness that he want. So I told him before he leave that no matter what will happen I will support him to whatever he wanted to do and i will remain as a daughter for him.

Before he leave he ask my grandmother to take the responsibility by taking good care of me, since he was going to somewhere to live in with the girl he likes.

When he was at Manila, and he got work already he always sending money every weekends to support my needs then after 3 months he never called and i never get a chance to talk to him again.

When I graduated at Elementary, we got a news from my other relative that was living at Manila about my father's situation, they told me that my father was suffering a mild stroke and the girl he lives in was left him and go along with other man. I cried so hard and i feel guilty about that but my Auntie told me not to worry because they will do their best to help my father to feel fine and good.

When I proceed at high school it is unavoidable to get bullied from my classmates. They thought that I am difficult to deal with. Though statistically speaking, a person like me who came from a broken family manifest disturbing behaviors growing up. Though it takes time to managed myself to prove that being in a broken family is a blessing not a curse.

Being in a broken family, I learned a lot of things. First, I know how to handle different kinds of emotions like abdonment, guilt, unhappiness, anger and well happiness. Experiencing this roller coaster kind of life enhances me to become strong and to believe that even the hardest point of my life won't knock me down.

Second, being able to experience rejection and abdonment, I tend to sheild myself from getting hurt again. People see me as a person with a cold hearted and difficult to deal with but I do act like one to spare themselves from dealing with the episodes of taken for granted. Loyalty matters to them and they give it to someone worth keeping.

Third, being in a broken home, the urge of getting away from crap is intense that I used the negativity to motivate myself. I channel my disappointments and frustrations by giving myself full potential to anything that I am on. I compete with no one but with myself. I can rise up even with the absence of help from anyone because I do believe also that my success will only depends on me.

And lastly to be an open minded. Being in a broken family opens many opportunities for me to work on. I am not afraid to take risks and positive enough to try each them. I find my ways to be happy, I don't just drown with the fact that I came from a broken family and don't deserved to be happy. Life doesn't end there and I don't need a complete family to be happy.

Whoever I am right now, am I still the old one. I challenged my self in different ways so that I could learn if I got mistakes.

I set goals in life so i could have reasons to live by. And my goal was to study hard, to graduate, to have a good work so that I can earn money to build a house for me and my father. And also to enjoy my life to travel the world.


I am daughter of God, who serves him 24/7 I love being part of our church and being part of the community .. I am elected to be councilor of SK (sanguniang kabataan) which means about Youth organization. I love dancing and i had a lot of experience of joining dance contest. And also i've been joined of singing comtest of our school and yes i win it .. I may not be the most beautiful girl and sexiest but i can assure you i will love you for real ! I am a college student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education .. I love traveling but i never been travel so far .. I am from broken family since then i am only child .. but now i am living together with my grandparents only cause my parents was separated since i was a baby . I never met my mother and while my father was living too far from me . He was now suffering a stroke and he was already a disabled . I am not mad of my both parents for giving me this kind of family/situation cause i don't know what happen to them for the past 20 years ago .. I love them both so thats why i am not going to judge them . Anyways too mjch for that i am starting to cry hihihi . I am Filipina and if you wanna chat me . just chat me okey don't hesitate to chat :) i am approachable and broadminded also.

To let you know, I am looking for someone that can be my lifetime partner. i don't like scammers or someone will chat me and asking me to send nudes picture . i am not like that. if you want me then chat me or else visit me here in our place so you can meet my grandparents and we can also have bondings with them. and let us talk about our marriage ! if you want to. i don't ask money ! couz i do believe money can't buy love ! right ?

Thank you for giving time to read my profile.

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