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70 Years Old, Male

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About Phil

USER ID: 1013325

Location: Bloomfield, Michigan, United States

MORE INSIGHT INTO ME at the end of this very long profile (along with a Story for you!)

**If you are brokenhearted, lonely, or have given up on love, PLEASE REMEMBER, the good Lord's Grace is only and always one step away...don’t give up**


I know your time is valuable and because of that thank you for looking and hopefully reading this, my very long profile.

“Hihintayin kita” whoever you may be!

A little about me...

During the time I have been on this site, there is ONE word that I have read over and over. It is the one word that is consistently used in many Filipina’s profiles.

It is a word that warms my heart.

What is it? The life value you refer to as—SIMPLE.

My life has been anything but SIMPLE. As a matter of fact, my life has been rather complicated and complex. I don’t regret the hectic way my life has been, but the truth is—I have always wanted a SIMPLE life. It’s nice to have businesses, houses, cars, and lots of nice “things” but, they all come with a high price.

What’s the price I’ve paid for my complicated and complex life?

Working too many hours...having too many responsibilities...not taking enough holidays… missing my children’s first footsteps...buying roses, but not taking the time to enjoy their sweet fragrance ...missing God’s eye as it opens to light the morning or watching as He closes His eye to bring about the night...too consumed with work to even take a long walk, much less a long work along the beach.

However, despite being too busy, I have taken the time to work on my body, mind, soul, and relationships.

Having played sports most of my life, I exercise regularly to keep my body as youthful as possible for an old man, lol. People over the age of forty are surprised should they discover my age…the ones under forty years of age (at least here in my country) think that anyone over forty is an antique, lol.

Why haven’t I posted a photo, if I supposedly take care of my body? Well, I’m not physically deformed, and I don’t look like a Tarsier; however, I want YOU, if you are God’s chosen ONE for me...I want you to see the “inner man” that lives within this body (2 Corinthians 4:16). I will post a photograph when I upgrade.

Being a very curious person, I read a lot of books, take classes to better understand people and life, but mostly I read to keep my mind active and alert. Now, I still forget where I’ve put my keys every so often, but who doesn’t? Lol. I mainly read books about how the human mind works, books about women and their feelings, medical articles, and the occasional superhero comic book here and there, lol.

I keep myself together spiritually by meditating, listening to lectures, sitting quietly and listening for God’s words of wisdom, reading books on spirituality, reading Songs of Songs (Solomon) from the Old Testament, selected Books from the New Testament, and sometimes I just sing songs that tickle my heartstrings. I consider myself to be a Christian, I believe in God and J.C., but I’m not a big fan of organized religion. In my many years of living, I’ve attended different organized religious institutions. I’ve attended ‘churches’ where the congregation was less than eight worshipers and others that had eight thousand worshipers in the congregation. Maybe I just haven’t found the ‘right’ one for me...perhaps my future soulmate’s place of worship will be the right fit for both of us.

More about me...hang in there, it won’t be long before I reveal the YOU I think God has fashioned just for me…

Photography (worked my way through undergraduate and professional school as a studio photographer), sculpturing, drawing, painting, jewelry making, collecting religious crosses from around the world, piloting drones, English & German Cultures, writing novels and short stories, off-key singing (lol), container flower gardens, and more. When you’ve been around for sixty-plus years (thank you God), one tend to develop a lot of interests.

I believe that every person has skills, talents, and abilities that God has given them. I also believe that each person can make this world a better place for us and future generations, with the gifts that God has given them. My self-imposed ministry has been to help individuals recognize and develop whatever talents they may have, and then use those skills to make things better for themselves, their community, and the world. Some have required years of help to develop, while others only need a simple—“I will believe in you, until you believe in yourself.”


I believe that friendship MUST be the STRONG FOUNDATION as the starting point in any long-lasting and intimate relationship. Just as you would not build a house upon shifting sand (Matthew 7:26***), neither should WE start a relationship built on physical appearance, education, status, or money...all of these are important but are insignificant and only serve to cloud one’s judgement about the inner being of a person in the long run. This is another reason why I have not posted a picture yet. To put it another way: Develop your love of a lifelong partner based on her inner beauty, because one day every young, delicate, and sweet looking plum, will one day become an old wrinkled prune. Inner beauty stays (true love), while outer beauty fades...and so does her partner as he runs into the arms of a younger and outwardly more beautiful female...not knowing that she might be ugly as hell on the inside.

***The biblical references throughout my profile are not lessons for you to study, and I am not attempting to impress you with my knowledge of the Bible, or to make me look like a theologian. I have listed them to let you know that while I may not attend church regularly, I live my life by many of the principles of the bible.***

I believe a healthy intimate relationship needs the strong foundation that I talked about above, BUT that is only the beginning. In developing a long-lasting relationship, and in building a sturdy structure (a house of love) to rest upon that strong foundation, a couple must be able to COMMUNICATE with one another.

You and I must be able to communicate, verbally, physically, and spiritually. If we don’t know each other’s wants, needs, or desires in life, how can we ever develop a meaningful, intimate, and long-lasting relationship?

We must talk openly and honestly, no matter what hidden pain, or shame the conversation may reveal (Luke 8:17). It will be okay, because whatever is revealed, I will make it right--because that is what a God-fearing man does—huwag kang mag-alala. Akong bahala...I hope this translates properly.

However, words are only a small portion of communication...

Can mere words truly describe the feeling you get, holding your loved-one’s hand walking along the beach?

Are there enough words to express the soft, moist, and warm feeling of your soulmate’s lips touching yours, or the secret language our tongues use to communicate with each other during a long, sweet, passionate, and sensual kiss?

Would you dare try to express in words from any language, the uncontrollable sensations, the raging fire, and the volcanic explosions that happen within your body while making passionate love to your partner/husband/soulmate (I hope I can be all three) all night long? (Song of Solomon 7:1-13)

I believe King Solomon’s book; Song of Songs was the first marriage manual on intimacy. With 700 wives and 300 concubines, Solomon had to have some idea about the nature of a woman and her desires. However, for me, since I don’t have a direct “help-me-phone-line” to God like Solomon, ONE woman is more than enough...and if you are the right woman, it will take a lifetime for me to really understand you...satisfy you in a manner befitting a soulmate... ...unconditionally.

By the way, King Solomon obviously did not have any Filipinas as wives. According to what I understand, a Filipina would not allow him to have 699 more wives or any concubines for that matter, because she would be his “all-and-everything” caring for him, satisfying him, being there through good and bad times, being his perfect Gift from God!

However, nothing compares to the communication that occurs between you, your soulmate, and God!

We may or may not go to church our bible together...or...minister to others together, but when we present ourselves as “Isa” to our God Almighty—through our prayers, gratitude, work, or in song—we activate the blessed STEEPLE that adorns the top of our house of love.

Our house of love is built on the solid foundation of friendship. Our sturdy house is constructed out of clear verbal and physical communications of love. Finally, our house’s steeple, fabricated out of our spiritual communication, becomes our ‘direct-phone-line’ to God, like the one King Solomn had while trying to remember the names of the 1, 000 women in his charge.

The steeple, the four walls and the solid stone foundation, are all built out of the unconditional LOVE we will cultivated for one another—and to glory of God.

FINNALY, what I hope to find in...

A lifetime partner that loves her family, her friends, and will love me too—forever .

Of course, I will also develop an everlasting love for her, her family, and her friends. Eventually, it is my hope that we will become one family. Your family and friends, will become my family and friends and our loved ones.

A lifetime partner who loves to have fun...enjoys movies, chocolates, doing nothing, doing everything...and especially, she will love to hold hands while taking walks along the beach or at the park.

A lifetime partner who enjoys BBQs and family fun...likes to sing and dance with me and my two left feet, lol.

A lifetime partner that truly appreciates and loves being pampered...and in return loves to pamper me with neck rubs, whispering sweet words in my ear...and most importantly, she will look into my eyes and say those three little words that all soulmates want to hear. You know those three words, do you not?

A lifetime partner who is kind...who will let me cook every so often. I promise to clean up after cooking.

A lifetime partner who is spiritual, she doesn’t have to be religious, but she does love our Father in Heaven.

A lifetime partner who understands that if we must argue, out of respect of our family, children, and friends, we will only argue in private. The last thing I would want to do is humiliate you in front of others, and I know you would not want to humiliate me in front of family either.

A lifetime partner who will agree that If we must argue, that we will talk and work through the problem—then kiss and make up, but only when you feel like being affectionate again.

By the way that time won’t be too long, because your body will ache for that special touch...a touch you’ve longed for all your life…a touch that only I, your lifelong mate can warm, sometimes gentle, sometimes rough touch that melts your sweet soul into a puddle of pure ecstasy.

A lifetime partner who appreciates the fact that I will never go to sleep with anger in my heart towards her...and pray that she won’t go to sleep with anger in her heart towards me. But, I will understand if you can’t let go of the anger—just yet. I will respect your need to be a little distant from me until you calm down...and I will wait, no matter how long it takes. After all, I have forever to be with a few days or a few weeks will just be a brief moment in time to me.

A lifetime partner whom I will be happy to stay with forever, whether you are; thin or chubby, young or old, short or tall, beautiful or plain, wild or quiet, dark or light skin, short, long, or no hair, advance degree or no degree, children or no children... ...because it is what’s on the inside of you that makes YOU my “all and everything” forever soulmate.

A lifetime partner who will not be jealous if I ‘accidentally’ look in the direction of a pretty girl or a beautiful woman. I have no desire to experience “tampo” if that is an emotion Filipinas really have. lol. As my lifetime partner, you should know that I only have eyes for you. But if I should look longer than a fraction of a second (the flesh is weak), I will do all the “lambing” (massages, foot rubs, chocolates, pastries, jewelry, flowers, trips to the mall—within reason) to win back your loving affections--eventually.

A lifetime partner who is an incurable romantic. One more time, she needs to be romantic, or willing to learn the ways of being romantic. A partner who kisses and hugs me goodbye whenever I leave...and...greets me with hugs and kisses upon my return. Tells me about her day...wants to know about my day. Tells me about her fears, so I can work on eliminating them, Reveals her dreams to me so I can work on making them come true. She already knows what I want—because she is my dream come true!

A lifetime partner who is not possessive. She knows that I have pledged myself to her and her alone—"lkaw ang lahat sa akin”—she knows that I am hers and hers alone. She will not be fearful that someone will take me away from her, or that I would ever leave her! Aonther old saying, "Why leave my Prime Sirloin Steak at home, to eat a burger at McDonald?"

A lifetime partner that is faithful…who knows that I am the only one she needs, wants, or desires...she knows that being unfaithful will be a burden too great to carry, just as it would be if I were unfaithful to her. Being faithful to one another will be easy for us, because we will be each other’s “all and everything” making every effort to keep each other happy...and it all starts with being able to communicate honestly and openly.

A lifetime partner who knows that God is always watching...well, I hope He turns His head and doesn’t look when heated passion overtakes us, and we make love like there is no tomorrow...which is the only way we know how to make love, lol.

I want my lifetime partner, when we are being intimate, to make me feel as if I am making love to every woman in the world at the same time, because she is the best lover--ever! ALERT: It is your love, not your skill at making love that will make me feel this way. So, relax darling, you don’t have to memorize all 245 positions in the Kama move to the rhythm flowing throughout your body, and you will be just fine.

“What’s with all this sex talk, especially on a Christian site?” you may be asking yourself. I apologize to those Filipinas that are conservative and should not be discussed, to those who reserve sex until married, and those who believe sex is strictly for procreation only. It is not my intention to offend anyone, in any way. However, sex is an important part in a relationship just as raising children, planning events at family gatherings, or attending church services--they all play their parts in supporting a meaningful relationship. I believe too often, sex is swept under the rug and never discussed. Remember no communication leads to...bad marriages...hurt feelings..misunderstandings. Again, if I have offended you, I’m sorry. You can block me, but as a good Christian, please forgive my transgression and move on.

Back to the taboo subject of sex! I am not a sex-o-maniac, and I’m far, far, far, removed from being an oversexed young man. While intimacy is not the most important value to me in a relationship, it does rank near the top.

You know your relationship values, do you not? Values like, love, communication, honesty, sharing and caring, forgiveness, safety, intimacy, spirituality, money, work, etc.

A good majority of relationships fall apart in my country for one or more of the following:

-Money problems
-Lack of communication
-Little-to-no sex or one-sided sex (where a partner satisfies himself but does not try to satisfy his partner)

Many of you talk about your man cheating, not talking (not communicating honestly with you) and not having enough money to support you or a family. But, I haven’t read about intimacy (sex) being a problem. Perhaps it’s not a problem, or it just doesn’t matter. However, in my opinion it still needs to be discussed. Not necessarily at the beginning of a relationship, but certainly before you/I/we commit to ‘forever.’

Well, if you have read this far, you were either bored, waiting in a long line, wanted to pass the time of day, or curious to find out if we can become— “Isa”—One. Thank you for visiting my profile, and may God bless you with your true love...I hope it will be me.

Pagpalain ka ng Diyos

P.S. – Scammers, gold diggers, racists, bigots, and women with less than desirable motives will be reported.


Over the years I have had the pleasure of seeing a unique and very beautiful woman. This mystery woman appears as an out-of-focus image in my dreams. Although I can only see her blurry face, there is just enough of her face and figure for me to know, “She’s the one.”

In my dreams, she satisfies my every want, need, and desire. She makes me feel special, happy, manly, and loved. The feeling is so real that I have placed her essence within a special chamber of my heart—the golden chamber reserved for — My Lover for Life.

I know she has been fashioned by God for me, and me alone. She, this woman with the slightly out-of-focus face, will be revealed when He brings us together as one. However, while my faith is great and unwavering, I will sometimes ask myself, Will I ever meet my dream woman...the one that fuels the flames of love within my soul, and my heart.

Dream No.1,

It was such a beautiful evening to be at the beach…, it wasn’t just a beautiful evening, it was an unforgettable evening.

The setting sun displayed breathtakingly beautiful colors, and the ocean water rolled softly onto the sandy shore.

Yes, it was an evening I could ever forget. One that I will cherish forever..., snuggled neatly in my lap, rubbing my chest with your skillful fingers, and quietly humming our favorite song. You do know what our favorite song is, do you not, my dear?

A rude little ‘ocean breeze’ quickly kissed your cheek and then playfully tossed your silky hair over your entire face. As it is always my nature to protect you from harm, even if it is only a small gust of wind that attacks you, I brushed your hair away from your face, revealing a warm and welcoming smile. The look in your eyes was one of love and total devotion. I thought to myself that I am so blessed to have you as my soulmate.

Smiling with those bedroom eyes, you tilted your head back and upwards. Brushing your hair off your face once again, I leaned down and touched your soft lips against mine. The kiss lasted no longer than a minute, but to me it seemed like an eternity. The sweet taste of chocolate still lingered on your lips from the dessert we shared at dinner. What a pleasant surprise it was to my taste buds, enjoying the dessert again, not from a plate this time, but from the full lips of my beautiful woman. But, that wasn’t the only surprise. While kissing our tongues danced with one another, and silently sharing secrets to each other about our love.

How great is my Maker that He has fashioned such a wonderful woman—just for me!

The palms of my hands slid down your smooth cheeks as our kiss ended. Tracing the lines of your bottom lip with my fingers, I watched as the corners of your mouth curled upward, forming a smile that could only have been inspired by pure love—your love for me. I wondered, ‘What did I do to deserve such a...’ but, before I could complete my thought, like a lightening bolt barreling down from heaven, the answer to my question appeared as the bright light illuminated that special chamber in my heart. The one labeled--my Lover for Life.

In an instant I realized that yours was the face that has been in my dreams all of these years l!

It is you, the slightly out-of-focus woman of my dreams. You have brightened my dreams for years, and you brighten every day of my life with your smile...even the gloomiest ones are as bright as the sun.

It is that reassuring look on your face that lifts my spirits when life tries to knock me down. It is your face, the one so intoxicating that God sent me half way around the world to find you. How did I know where to find you, unless it was Him who sent me? He give me a map that lead me to your heart.

Out of the two thousand islands that can sustain human life in the Philippines, only He could have sent me to the one where you live.

It is your face, the face of my dreams that I have longed to caress with the palms of my large hands. I came all this way because I wanted your “all, everything, and forever face” to be the first thing of beauty I’d see every morning, and the last gorgeous image that I’d see before falling asleep...except this time, I only have to open my eyes to see my dream-come-true partner, cuddling next to me.

Yes dear, it is you. You are the woman of and in my dreams. The woman fashion just for me, by God.

I’d love to share the dream about...

...but I’d rather tell you about that one face to face, virtually or physically.

Thanks for indulging this old romantic man from the other side of the world.

Additional Information

Prefers to Meet Age:
29 to 63 (Strict age limits: no)
Marital Status:
PhD / Post Doctoral
Body Type:
188 lbs (85.3 Kg)
6' 1" (185 cm)
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Yes - but not at home
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Not sure
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New International
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