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June 24 Feast Day of St. John The Baptist & Araw Ng Maynila

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Posted on June 09,2013


The feast day of St. John the Baptist is celebrated in the Philippines every June 24 of the year. It is highly celebrated by pouring water on each other and on visitors. The practice is more pronounced in the city of San Juan, Manila, Philippines named after the saint. Revelers splash water on the main roads that outsiders pass through and each year, unsuspecting travelers fall prey to revelry that gets out of hand.

The residences of San Juan called this festival “Wattah Wattah” festival or the feast of their patron saint – St. John the Baptist. Catholics celebrated this annual colorful festival by parading the statue of St John giving the water baptism to Jesus Christ to the streets of San Juan city while firemen spray water to the procession.People of San Juan go out of their house and join the crowd on this day of merry making. Children are laughing while chasing each other. They throw water to their playmates as hard as they can. They also used water guns. The older folks used water hose. Some used buckets of water in-front of their houses. Fire trucks used to join the procession. It is meant to remember the significant role played by St. John in baptizing Jesus Christ.

Wet, Wild, Hilarious, Outrageous, Strange, describe the celebration of the Feast of St. John in he Philippnes. And most important fact remains, the Saint who had a significant role in man's salvation.

A boy holds a candle during a mass to celebrate the feast day of St. John the Baptist:

Happy Fiesta San Juan, Manila, Philippines.

waaahh... I forgot it's their fiesta, splashing water to all vehicles and passersby.....  we're all soaked .....

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