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How to eat balut (fertilized duck eggs).

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Posted on April 24,2016

Hi All ;


I saw this interesting video on how to eat balut (fertilized duck eggs). It's a delicacy in Philippines, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Cambodia, and many other places. Posted by Business Insider showing a restaurant in Manhattan, NYC serving balut. The lady trying it definitely seems to enjoy it.


If anyone wants to try balut before your trip to Phils, now you know where you can get some lol.


We have several Asian markets in our city and some of them sell it. Never bought one from them but they do have them. I tried in Manila when visiting my wife's family and I didn't like it. The broth was wonderful, the yellow part tasted like a regular scrambled egg, but the body part was hard to swallow... W that it tasted bad, it was the mind set of crunching on the head and beak and could feel their shapes with my mouth. It was more psychological that physical reaction. 

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