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A Hidden Paradise in the Philippines...discovered...

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Posted on May 18,2015

Have you heard of Balesin Island? In my case, I haven’t until late 2014 when a friend shared some photos. Then this private island made it to my bucket list!


But how can I go there, if it’s for members only?  Surprisingly a friend invited me to tag along in their conference there! And so….my dream came true.


What is Balesin? What is there to see and experience? This is what I will share with you.


Balesin is a  500- hectare  island located in Polillo , Quezon, available only to members and their guests. Flying time to the island is 20 minutes from Manila by private or chartered plane. ( 9-seater or 19-seater).


One should make sure to bring his credit card because you cannot buy anything with your cash in this island. 



It features seven themed villages based on the world’s most alluring destinations .

Bali, Mykonos, St. Tropez, Phuket , Costa del Sol , Toscana and  Balesin

Transportation within the island is free..

This is a private island for members only...but there is a way to be able to visit this island when you are in the Philippines ...


Hi MASF...   Membership cost what??? About 100 thousand USD.. You can get me a membership for my birthday:)))  Moo Ha!  Happy Happy Joy Joy

(still want to know about swimming with great whites)

Paging Veverlyn, 

I need your confirmation, about the “yaya meal” LOL.


@Ate M,

Nice share ate. Polillio Island is very familiar to me when it comes to typhoons, LOL. Now, it turned to a private paradise, whoaaahhhh, NICE! What a priviledge you have Ate!  Enjoy your adventures PO.


@Sir James,

Hello Sir, welcome back to the forums. Yoohooo, seems the forums is coming back to be live again ^_^. 

Wow doc M its nice place.thank for share the picture.. I thought balesin not belong to Philippines :)

Bigbro James welcome back to the furom..happy happy joy joy :)

Sis rey,seems the two were enjoying in LA presa :).peace :)

Hi Miss M,

             Nice pictures! I only knew Balesin, when I saw Heart Evangelista's wedding heehee.. and the controvensy about the "Yaya Meal". Have you tried that? It looks delicious. Thank you for sharing  Miss M. God bless u always.

oh thanks for sharing dokie...what a nice place,but its unaffordable for me 

hahahah sissy rey...aya!..i always have my yayameal each meal....paksiw bangus...pinakbet... chicken adobo and oh we are with sardines.for our.dinner tonight

welcome to the forum.happy happy joy joy....where have you been we.miss you here sir james and found your lady

Howdy sissies Rey, Angie, Bec and Vevs!! Yaya meal?! Read about that , but totally forgot about it when I stepped on the beautiful island of Balesin. But I really wouldn’t mind having that so called “yaya meal” of fried fish, egg, and rice…and it was explained that is only an option meal…so no discrimination intended , as no matter what your work or status in life maybe , you can order a anything you want to eat …as long as you have a credit card! Hahaha yes, that’s actually something that strikes me …this is a place where (cash) money can’t buy you anything  !


I am not a member but I was able to visit …so …as I said…there is a way…I can PM you how . I would say the prices for membership doesn’t appeal to me ( sour graping coz I cant afford it), but it is still nice to try and visit even for just 3 days and 2 nights. Plane fair ( round trip)would be  P7,500  each, and a P15,000 villa /night good for 4 pax  . You just have to be very careful when you order food coz it’s quite expensive.  When done properly a budget of P20,000  would be enough for 3 days .


Mooo Haaa! The founder of HHJJ Club is back! Welcome James...and congratulations. I have an idea for you...During the white shark diving are placed in a locked cage is a very good place to propose...coz youre lady will surely say yes! ( Why? that's the next topic LOL)



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