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Its School Time Once Again in the Philippines!

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Posted on June 02,2013

Hello Cf Friends,

What are your thoughts/ comments/ ideas and more in this year's school time?

i know a lot of CF mom can relate to this.

For me, its really a hectic sched. i have been preparing a lot for this school year 2013-2014. For my son who is in college and my work as a teacher.

There will be a lot of chaos in classrooms especially for those new students, especially in the elementary grades. I am sure on the first day of school, there will not be classes as it is just cleaing for the classrooms But students will be all excited to go to school because of the new uniform, new shoes, new bags and new school supplies. After a month, the real classroom work will begin and that is when the students will start to feel how hectic their class schedules are. We only hope that the weather improves so that children will not get sick. We hope that the classrooms especially in the public schools have been sprayed for mosquitos so that children will not suffer from mosquito bites and as a result will get sick with dengue. We are sure too, the police force will be busy deployed in different schools for security measures. All in all, we are sure the parents are the ones who are feeling stress out because of the opening of school and the responsibilites that goes with it. To all the students and the teachers, I am sure the first day of school is still exciting.

Yesss June a busy month for all parents :) Actually it start on last of week of May for kids enrollment. Next buying new uniforms, things in school books. Help them to cover their books and notebooks with prints of title on the cover. Prepare them in going to school for next level, discuss to them what to expect :) Encourage them to be a channel of blessings to their classmates and teachers. Talk to them what to do and not to do.. giving so many instructions lol.. it's good we are part of their growing up :)

Yes it's MOnday June 03,2013, it's our first day of school and mind you it's so very busy and kinda challenging coz despite of our pre-enrollment still there are lots of late enrollies..hmm so many transferries from privates schools and kinda siksikan na nman s mga classrooms...i guess i'll be teaching more or less 40pupils...hmmm but i love to be their techear..another full year of enstilling wisdom and values to them..gobless to all teachers!

Its June, back to school time here again in the Philippines. I know in the States, school just ending there. Starting mid May here a lot of people just had their kids enrolled or getting enrolled here it could be public school or private school. It’s time to open our wallets and spend some money here again. Just for enrollment fees and the books, it really damages our pockets. Almost all the school here has tuition increase annually. Most school increase up to 8%. So its a big chunk of money added yearly. But even with the increase and stuff, still lots of kids enrolled to the expensive schools here.


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