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Posted on October 22,2014

Hi Everyone

Some information on new BI policy. It is going to apply to some of you. Apologize for the late notice. Forgot to post it...

New Bureau of Immigration (BI) Policy Requiring Registration of All
The US Embassy wishes to alert US citizens in the Philippines about a new
program for the
registration of most foreigners in the Philippines that was recently
announced by the Bureau of
Immigration (BI). The Philippine Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Bureau
of Immigration
(BI) have launched the new registration system called the “Alien
Registration Program (ARP)”
which intends to update and document all foreigners in the Philippines. The
registration involves
capturing finger print biometrics and digital photos for automatic facial
recognition of foreign

The new program was launched on October 1, 2014 and runs through September
30, 2015.
According to BI, most foreigners are required to participate in the ARP,
and those who do not
register run the risk of accumulating fines of 200 pesos per month. Based
on the BI web site, the
following individuals are exempted from participation in the ARP:
  *Holders of a valid ACR-I card (except tourist ACR-I cards)
  *Tourists whose stay does not exceed 59 days
  *Other aliens who are exempted from registration pursuant to law

All foreigners who register under the ARP will be issued a permanent
Special Security
Registration (SSR) number which will be imprinted on an ACR-I card with a
micro-chip. This
SSR number will be the permanent identification number of the foreigner,
and the issued card will
be the basis for the foreigner to transact any business with the BI.
For a complete description of the program, including exceptions to
registration, benefits of the
program, locations where registration may be accomplished, and other
details related to the
program, please visit the Bureau of Immigration web site,

on October 22, 2014 3 likes

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Hi James ;

Thanks for this. Always good to keep us informed about legal requirements on residing in Phils. So now we foreigners are "Aliens" haha.  Take care and God Bless!

on November 1, 2014 1 likes

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