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Kadayawan sa Davao Festival,Davao City Philippines.... The Festival of Festivals....

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Posted on August 15,2014

The Kadayawan Festival is an annual festival in the city of Davao in the Philippines. Its name derives from the friendly greeting "Madayaw", from the Dabawenyo word "dayaw", meaning good, valuable, superior or beautiful. The festival is a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. It is a celebration of Good Harvest! This globally famous festival is a weeklong celebration and thanksgiving for nature’s bountiful harvest.

The festival is celebrated in the month of August with floats of fresh flowers and fruits, and indak-indak sa kadalanan or street dancing in colorful costumes. A variety of tribes parade the streets with their tribal costumes and jewelry. The city of Davao comes alive every year in August when it holds it yearly harvest festival. The streets are adorned with local fruit & vegetables while people hold street dances.

Today, Kadayawan has transformed into a festival of festivals, the mother of may other festivals in the region as it honors Davao’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage, its past personified by the ancestral “lumads”, its people as they celebrate on the streets, and its floral industry as they parade in full regalia in thanksgiving for the blessings granted on the city.

“Kadayawan sa Dabaw” is an enriching experience with a difference as its explores the past, present and future of the Davaoeños, the Mindanaoans, the Filipinos. Its sights and sounds remain supreme. Be part of the experience.

Duyog sa Kadayawan! Maglingaw-lingaw ta!”



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on August 15, 2014 0 likes

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Madayaw to you Cel.

I especially love August in Davao because of the fruits. Oh I had finished 1 kilo of Lanzones tonight. Went to Roxas to eat all kinds of street foods and of course Davao's best "Durian".

See you around! It's nice to know there are plenty of CF ladies in the Land of Promise. 

on August 15, 2014 0 likes

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Hi. I am from davao too!! I'm glad kadayawan festival was safe. Been to the malls it was so crowded.. I aslo went to the thrift stores in roxas boulevard to have my okay2x bags and blue jeans,hehehehe. Things are cheap there... Guys maybe you can try.LOL..

on August 17, 2014 0 likes

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I bought 2 bags actually. I have eaten street foods in Roxas St last Friday, ate at Chippens Saturday and went to DavCon just awhile ago.

on August 17, 2014 0 likes

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