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election today,

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Posted on May 13,2013

vote  buying is  the sign of corruption ,,,they  buy  a  few  hundreth then they will get  a millions  of  pesos  from country,,but  i know   we  christian people  dont  sell  our  vote  ,,,hope  God will  lead  the heart of people  who is  the right  one to set  in position ,if you sell your vote  to dont expect that our country will be succesful,,and  dont  ever claim  when  things  goes  worst  because  you betray  your  country  through  selling your vote,

tapos na akong peaceful election here in our place...very organized..Hoping that God will give favor for my candidates...(",

ako later pa this 2 pm. hehe my choices are pro life senatars lols

exercise your right to vote...done voting in my school!


#vote wisely fellow pinoys!

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