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Posted on May 10,2013

May 13, 2013 is already proclaimed a special non working holiday... aside from yeah long weekend... have u contemplated the importance of this day... have u made ur list ... have you made a concientious choice... remember our future as a democratic country with a rising economy is base on who we put in authority ... ALL I CAN SAY IS VOTE WISELY, DON'T SELL UR VOTES AND BE ON THE WATCH!!!

PLS post or comment anything in ur mind when election comes and how can we make this day hassle free and in order.

I agree! Vote wisely, for a better tomorrow :)




CF Staff

Thanks for Posting Ms. Anjee about our upcoming Phil. National Election on Monday & for for the question are u ready? simply answer back our own concience if we have listed and choosen the best one that could lead our country's drive for peace, progress, & prosperity

Bear in mind my Fellow Filipino exercise your right to VOTE and CHOOSE wisely!

Blessed day to all!

Hi Anjee, I agree with you:) This is a critical period for all of us.. I keep praying God's intervention for this.. yes vote wisely and don't sell your votes please.. May our good Lord put the right man in every position need to be filled up. Keep praying guys :) Something good is going to happen if we agree on this prayer. God bless..

Pray for a PEACEFUL election! (-:

All registered voters should go and exercise your rights of suffrage on Monday, the 13th. To avoid any hassle, please go to your voting place early. I have observed during the past election, there were so many peope who were not able to cast their votes because their names was not found on the voting list. So give yourselves ample time to look for your precinct number so you can go directly to your polling booth and cast your vote. VOTE WISELY!

Thanks everyone for the reactions... esp CF staff Ms Katie... hope everyone is having a great long weekend... mine is spent on the bus geez just arriving from a boot camp and now to collect my kids from baguio city before proceeding to Dagupan to vote... ohhh theres a long line of travellers today among bus stations probably going home for the election tom... i hope this will not stopped those who are in the city to go home to their respective voting provinces.

Ohh dont be bitchy on the long line if there is... with the teachers... their sacrifice to the point of their life is to be regarded with respect. rather try to offer or bring refreshment... smile!

Let's all pray for a peaceful election tomorrow. Vote wisely! (",


I hope for a good election. May God place the best candidate as president.



It's a midterm election, Geraldo. The president isn't up for re-election this year.

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