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Posted on March 15,2013

General rules

1) You have to be atleast 18 to use the forum.

2) Posting copyrighted or illegal content is prohibited. Any consequences or claims that may arise as a result of illegally posted material are your responsibility.

3) Do not post your contact details (full name,personal email address, telephone numbers, etc.)

4) Do not alter/modify other people’s quotes.

5) Pay attention to the style you use when writing posts. Avoid the use of caps/ excessive punctuation/all smileys/blank lines.  No personal attacks.  Civil discourse only.

6) Contact or use the Contact Us page to report any violations to these rules or to send us your questions/suggestions.

Posting rules

1) Threads/posts should not be used for chat/mailing purposes; posts, in other words, should be of interest to the entire CF Community.

2) Do not use names of members as thread titles.

3) Do not enter, edit or alter any HTML Tags or Codes in your posts.

4) Administrators have a right to delete/edit posts where the content is offensive or off-topic.

5) Do not post telephone numbers, YM/MSN/SKYPE or other instant messengers’ details, email addresses, etc. Posts with this kind of information will be considered as spam and may subject the poster to suspension from Christian Filipina.

6) Do not post advertisements.

7) Do not link to your own websites or include any “footer” linking or pointing to your own websites or other websites.

All forums are listed by specific subjects. We have created different discussion rooms to cover the most popular topics and allow you to find a suitable topic where you can develop your threads. So, just make sure you place your thread in the correct forum to get the most replies and to encourage relevant discussions.

To navigate the threads please use the search option in the right upper corner of the page. This way you will easily find out whether a thread topic already exists.

If you want to start a new thread please give your thread a subject title related to its topic. Try to be unique and start a thread which has not been discussed already.

If you continually post in the wrong forums, your threads may be deleted or moved. Your posting privileges may be removed or diminished, temporarily or permanently, depending on severity.

We do not keep records of deleted topics/posts.

"If you continually post in the wrong forums, your threads may be deleted or moved. Your posting privileges may be removed or diminished, temporarily or permanently, depending on severity. "

I'm not sure if I completely understand what is it to, " ..continually post in the wrong forums.." I've read forum posts on other sites and those things seem to take on a life of their own and can turn into some ugly monsters among those doing the posting, so I understand about keeping things civil. But, posting in the wrong forums? So if the topic is about airplanes and I post about vans, and the next time the topic is about vans and I post about airplanes...the end result is removal?

Hi Robert,

We will try to allow the discussions to remain unmoderated as much as possible.  We do prefer that a reply should be at least somewhat on topic, but if there are some conversations that go naturally on a tangent from time to time don't worry we don't need to police every last post.  The guidelines are more about flagrant, repeated violations.

Does that sound good to you?


Peter I think you have done a sterling job so far as administrator, I know I have pushed the boundaries a little myself but you have done very well in allowing discussion to take its course without allowing it to get too far out of hand. I have noticed a few blatant postings of contact information though but I see that you are now picking those up. Well done as an ex-moderator I don't know if I would have allowed my arguments with Cyrus as much leeway as you have but I did appreciate you not stepping in until the name-calling started. Over all congratulations on a great job.

Thanks Tim.

If you or anyone does see postings that violate our guidelines, including posting contact information or links, please do click "inappropriate" so that our staff can review them.  It really does help us if you report the problems.

We do try our best to see the good side of what each person is bringing to the forum and of each post.

We hope to keep everything open, with everyone including free level members of CF able to post and have their posts appear right away.  If we end up with too much abuse or fights, we might have to have moderated "pending" posts.  Hopefully our community will help us so that doesn't have to happen.

Hi Peter, 

Thanks for formulating these guidelines. You are really doing a very tidious job and I congratulate you and your staff for this! Fair enough...I know this is a must to serve as a controlling factor for everybody to follow, as many of the CF members are gaining interest to participate. More power and God bless us all.

Thanks for this forum guidelines it gives me information here since this my first time to join forums.

Thanks much Peter for the guidelines. Much appreciated.

Hello Sir Peter,

Thank you so much for taking time in making the General Rules as well as the Posting Rules here in CF forum because it will greatly help us and guide us on what to post here.


Thank you so much for posting the guidelines, Peter. This will keep us all on the right track. Many thanks also for the great job you and your staff is doing for everyone on this site. Stay blessed. 

Hi Peter, thank you so much for the info. Im glad to read your post co'z im new member on this site its help a lot for me to know the rules.





Sir Peter,

We thank you and  CFstaff for all your undenying dedications for the improvement of this site. All these are  fully appreciated. Thanks for posting rules and regulations. Job well done! God bless you all!


Hello Peter and thank you and the rest of the CF ADMIN for such a great site with such clear rules.  God Bless you!

You're welcome, friends. It's an honor to have all of you part of this community together with us.

What a great site with a great job. securing your site is securing your members. just keep up. Good night and God Bless.


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