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Distinguishing Miracles and Miracle Tales

*Would it be cruel or unfair to suggest that organized religion seems more concerned with profounding and defending miracles than it is with…

on September 4, 2014 4 likes 26.1K views 2 replies

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How does 4th of July differs from other…

Greetings!I believe 4th of July to the Filipinos is Philippines and American Friendship day and to Americans its the birth of America. Previous years…

on July 5, 2014 0 likes 4.6K views 1 replies

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CF Cares

The past few months I was all tied up with deadlines that I barely had time keying in my social media email other than the one I regularly use.My…

on June 9, 2014 0 likes 3.8K views 1 replies

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With Lenten Season on this week, the fact…

As a Christian, am so thankful that I found Jesus as my Lord and savior by God's grace considering I come from a devoted Roman Catholic whose belief…

on April 18, 2014 0 likes 5.2K views 2 replies

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Choosing a lifetime partner is a risk and…

Looking for a lifetime partner is really a risk in terms of safety be it health or life! Health, the person might have mental illness, HIV issue or…

on April 17, 2014 0 likes 11.8K views 13 replies

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What do men likes best for a wife?…

I am asking these to the guys here! I hope you give an answer that would make women likes you not because its a good answer but because it comes from…

on April 6, 2014 4 likes 13.3K views 14 replies

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As a Christian, do you celebrate April"s…

As a Christian, I don't celebrate April's Fool because its a Pagan practice. Any pagan practices for that matter, I don't engage in any…

on April 6, 2014 0 likes 3.6K views 1 replies

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long distance relationship

do you believe that long distance relationship would not survive? 

on December 17, 2013 3 likes 23.6K views 29 replies

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Overcoming Boredom or Depression for our…

We are fully aware how one feels leaving his/her family behind in search for a greener pasteur overseas just to be able to give the family a decent…

on December 1, 2013 3 likes 17.4K views 11 replies

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greetings

happy thanksgiving everyone,,,,have a wonderful thanksgiving celebration..

on November 28, 2013 0 likes 4.2K views 3 replies

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honest

why that the men in CF are until new member of CF man here....every time i open here..they are thesame....until now i did not…

on November 3, 2013 1 likes 4.6K views 2 replies

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When "irony" hit me up!

The more you aim for it, the more it became aloof. 

on October 30, 2013 0 likes 3.4K views 1 replies

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Quote

Most of us spend a lot of time dreaming of the future, never realizing that a little of it arrives each day :) have a nice day everyone ;)

on October 28, 2013 2 likes 2.9K views 0 replies

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Wondering

I Wonder why? Somebody is Visiting my Profile and Banned me ! What's that for? LOL :)

on October 28, 2013 1 likes 5.2K views 3 replies

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My up's is that, I join the basketball inter school competition.. the first game was great but the second one was so terrible.

on October 2, 2013 1 likes 2.7K views 0 replies

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