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What do normally Men here in CF are…

Though I consider myself as not an active member, I came to observed that age range do exist here in CF online dating site. I am at present 28, but…

on November 3, 2014 2 likes 11.4K views 15 replies

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To push or not to push ...that is the… Read More...

Hi to all, After my 31/2 months stay in CF, And after a nice refreshing weekend in a white sand beach I am nearly coming to making up my mind to…

on June 1, 2014 1 likes 12.8K views 23 replies


Will a Filipina be willing to join…

I am in need of advice.  I practice Messianic Judaism (Messianic for short) which is a form of Judaism that recognizes Jesus as the…

on May 25, 2014 1 likes 1.3K views 16 replies

The Sensitive Filipina

giving gifts and being asked for money

Why is that some there have no concious when asking for money.i have not visited my gf yet because i think it may become an issue.who wants to be…

on February 17, 2014 1 likes 11.6K views 20 replies

Filipinos and their Families

I am just Curious About this (Why Foreign…

To Whom It May Concern;I am not pointing to anyone i am just curious about what i saw here in my Country.Especially in the area like Malate,&…

on January 2, 2014 21 likes 12.8K views 207 replies

The Foreign Man


i am so disgusted with some men sending interests on datingsites like this.most of them seems so sweet at firstthey will befriend you,sending sweet…

on September 8, 2013 46 likes 87.3K views 152 replies

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