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Are You A Visionary?

Are you a visionary? How do you know if someone is a visionary? 

on February 11, 2014 1 likes 3K views 3 replies

Discussions About Our Advice Articles

God, Can I Die?

Have you ever ask God if you can die now? (literally)

on February 11, 2014 1 likes 12.9K views 16 replies

Discussions About Our Advice Articles

riddle riddle on my wall, who's the…

RIDDLE : What starts with an E but only has a single letter on it? Go !

on February 11, 2014 0 likes 12.2K views 18 replies

Transforming Past Challenges

Street Games! Game On!

We were kids once and we play a lot. So tell us your favourite street games. Do you like playing Catch? or  Pretend to be Superman? 

on February 10, 2014 0 likes 1.9K views 1 replies

The Philippines from A(dobo) to Z(oos)

On the subject of Gay marraige

Well thank God I don't live in a country with anti Gay Laws like Bangladesh. They are encouraged to go after Gays and kill them. I have Bangladeshi…

on February 10, 2014 0 likes 919 views 23 replies

Rant! Got a pet peeve? Come on in and share it.

Patience and our minds always play tricks…

Please Fipipino women Too western men your small size and your beauty some times schocks them as they have a hard time believing you could be single.…

on February 10, 2014 0 likes 5.6K views 7 replies

Transforming Past Challenges

is there someone "real" out there???

i cant remember how long ive been here in this dating site and i feel like iam loosing my faith..i have encountered lots of dissapointments and i…

on February 10, 2014 0 likes 544 views 4 replies

CF Family Forum

Is your ideal man/woman difficult to find?

Each one of us has dreamed of an ideal man/woman. But sometimes when love magic happens, you end up with the opposite one. Some kind of relationship…

on February 10, 2014 0 likes 697 views 7 replies

Opposites Attract or sometimes Attack!

When meeting your souldmate, would you…

I prefer meeting the family is the best answer since the purpose is to know each other well. Afterwards, going to the beach or bar or hotel is fine…

on February 9, 2014 0 likes 527 views 3 replies

CF Family Forum

Meeting a filipina women

How long should I just talk with the women here or on skype.face book before I ask to meet

on February 9, 2014 2 likes 1.2K views 22 replies

The Foreign Man

As a Christian, is going to Church every…

I believe it is with the purpose of praising and thanking God for everything, whether there's blessings or none! But if one cannot make it every…

on February 9, 2014 1 likes 535 views 7 replies

CF Family Forum

A Valentine Prayer

 Oh Dear JesusGoddess of LoveWe offer to you our single hearts with so much love and carePlease be with us and find our true loveIt has been…

on February 9, 2014 1 likes 2.8K views 2 replies


Heaven University with Professor God

Major Subject: PatienceDirections:1. Just sit down and wait for the entire period (it means lifetime)2. No questions, no ifs and no buts3. Be still…

on February 9, 2014 0 likes 2.8K views 2 replies

The Catholic Church and Filipinos

Is destiny a choice or a chance?

I've always thought that we create our own destiny. But in the aspect of LOVE, does destiny also plays it role of letting the two people meet with…

on February 9, 2014 0 likes 7.1K views 13 replies

A Foreign Husband and His Filipina Wife

how do you celebrate valentines??

i think i dont have 14 in my calendar, how about you guys?

on February 9, 2014 1 likes 6.3K views 11 replies

Filipino Celebrations

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