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How can you trust the profiles in…

I'm not trying to start trouble, but there are some things that I can't understand. There are MANY profiles here that are just false. Here's an…

on December 15, 2014 1 likes 1.1K views 4 replies

Forum Bugs / Suggestions / Comments

Why does the foreign men very aloof to…

Been here for two years but still cant find the right one for me, ive met someone here we've exchange mails,skype almost everyday in 6mos time,but…

on October 26, 2014 0 likes 2K views 19 replies

CF Family Forum

Trying to learn Filipino. Can you, and…

I am using Rosetta Stone and sometimes have trouble grasping the meaning of a word. Right now the word that is giving me trouble is "kong." I know…

on September 28, 2014 1 likes 16.3K views 10 replies

Living and Working in the PI

Question to God

Hello CF family i have a question to everyone...If you will see God right now, what favor would you ask him and Why...?

on September 18, 2014 1 likes 1.3K views 26 replies

Fellowship Hall

Question in re: annulment

I would like to ask all the members if any of you can recommend a good, honorable and competent annulment attorney in Cebu. 

on July 29, 2014 0 likes 612 views 1 replies

Christian Staff Question Corner

Got a lot of questions

I propose to move to the Philippines, somewhere on Cebu, in the next year or two. I'm learning everything I can, as fast as I can. But I still have…

on April 17, 2014 1 likes 5.6K views 3 replies

Living and Working in the PI

I am from Mindanao

Today, i happened to read a post sent by CF to my mail entitled  "Mindanao: An Island of Terror or A Paradise of Beauty" I clicked the link and…

on February 10, 2014 5 likes 19.2K views 26 replies

Visiting the Philippines

Gay marriage

Hello. Do you think gay marriage should be legalized in the Philippines. Do you support/oppose it, and why???

on January 16, 2014 4 likes 8.8K views 353 replies

Fellowship Hall

I am just Curious About this (Why Foreign…

To Whom It May Concern;I am not pointing to anyone i am just curious about what i saw here in my Country.Especially in the area like Malate,&…

on January 2, 2014 21 likes 12.8K views 207 replies

The Foreign Man

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