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What does simple mean?

Ok so I have been asked What does one mean when she says SHE IS JUST A SIMPLE GIRL?Since I have been asked this question, I tried visiting other CF…

on April 19, 2014 4 likes 1.1K views 16 replies

The Sensitive Filipina

What's with all the single moms?!

Hi all!I have to say that I'm truly blown away by the epidemic proportions of single moms on this site. Very young girls as single moms and ALOT of…

on January 15, 2014 7 likes 267.2K views 236 replies

The Catholic Church and Filipinos

The MALE mind 101

We have heard many times man and woman dont speak the same languages. What works to a woman may not work with a man. Bridging the gap between the…

on September 18, 2013 7 likes 5.7K views 184 replies

The Foreign Man

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