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I want to be so good to the girl I marry she'll feel like she is dreaming, but I need her to be willing to work hard at missionary work with me. I can be kind, funny, entertaining, intelligent, considerate, honest, caring, romantic, I hope to be a really good husband to the one I marry. But I want a coworker to serve God with, so she has to endure the hardships of doing ministry work and want to spend her life with me praying and reading the Bible and witnessing of Jesus and doing God's works, I can be hardworking and I workout a lot too so I am in pretty good shape. People say I look younger and honestly, some girls like me, so I don't need to go to this site, but I want to find a good coworker to do ministry with and I can only be in one place at a time, why not branch out and see if God may send me someone from afar? (I typed that part when I was still in the USA, now I am in the Philippines, no girlfriend yet, main purpose is ministry here) I could marry a Philipina, but I don't have to...I am sure there are good girls there and elsewhere. I hope to find a girl who can work hard for Jesus with me and be a good coworker and who is physically attractive to me and has integrity and is honest and trustworthy, someone who wants to follow the Lord and back me up and I would back her up and love her too. I want to live for God not for money, but I would love and take care of my wife and she would find she can trust me. I have been the Philippines 3 times and made friends and we laughed and served God together (now I am here for the 4th time). I might want to be with a Philipina girl or an American girl or another girl from another Country, maybe you can help me decide. Hope Ya get what you are shopping for and what cha need. First off we need Jesus, then God made us to so would want a family. I can be a good father with God's help, yeah I believe I can. I can be entertaining and fun to be around and, but I hope the girl I go after will be good to me too. Thanks for reading. I hope you are respected. Many Philipina's are kind people who have helped me find my way around, and shown hospitality and kindness and have been friendly to me, some are faithful and dedicated, but   many have warned me that a lot of girls in this nation are marrying foreign guys to get a greencard and plan to divorce him later, or they do it for money, or some other bad purpose. Of course there are people with bad intentions about marriage all over the world, let not disrespect the Philippines...God loves Philippinos! But for those who you reading this who have some purpose like this in mind, please don't waste me time or yours. I will find out what you real intentions are and then discard you and you will have wasted all that time and effort. By God's grace I am pretty sharp and I have the Holy Spirit within me. For sincere girls, its ok. I didn't buy a membership though. If I find someone I really like, I suppose I will buy one. How far would I go for a sincere girl who I love? I would walk a great distance and carry her, I would risk my life and maybe die for her, I would cook the food she likes and not snore at night (haha) I would stay clean and learn her language, I would pray for her and love her, I would never cheat on her I fear God. She must be someone who would never cheat on me and we must never divorce. God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). The Lord said someone who divorces and remarries commits adultery (Mark 10:10-12). So people should get married well, live married well and continue to do so for the rest of their lives. God bless you sister. Maybe one of you will be my wife. I am serious about marriage and about serving God and will only accept a sincere girl. No one is a good enough liar to get be me and the Holy Spirit in this matter. Please don't be offended by what I said, if you were in my shoes, maybe you would say the same. God bless you...adding more now...I read some girls profiles that say something like I want a husband to be with FOREVER....I think the automatic goal of a sincere marriage is to stay together for life...if you to say FOREVER...its because you have a subconscious desire to cover up the fact that you don't plan to be married FOREVER..just long enough to get what you want...liars and crabs make me so frustrated...and I feel sorry for the sincere girls who have a hard time getting a guy to trust them thanks to all the crabs...

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