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USER ID: 1612871

Location: Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Separated now and starting new chapter in life... July 1, 2021
Gotta edit my words below.

The following was written by end of 2020...

Maybe a new wife would not hurt me.
Because my present one does.
So, I write my latest poem called

"Frustrated Departure"

I know I've a good heart...
But, why stop there?
I've other parts most useful,
But, show me who can care.

I could be de-livered...
'Though “Saved” is not what I mean.
My parts would lengthen other lives...
while I'm leaving this scene.

Another two organs is key,
although only one is needed.
“Oh, so sweet” could be why
in the shape of beans seeded.

Anything else, please do take...
I'm “A-Negative” and it does flow.
Right now, I'm so willing to give...
And “On” other people shall live...
All of me has to go.

**November 2020 Update: My father passed away Nov' 29. Last spoke to him my birthday Oct. 25th, face/phone. I am very broken hearted. Please pray for me. Please continue to pray for me. I am sorry if I am slow to "wink" to you. I love you all.**

When there's a cold wind and you wish I was around you to keep you warm...
I wish you to be my wife. I can certainly love you as desired, as I desire to be loved by you. I want to kiss your smile every day, and you kiss mine. You lift my heart and I lift yours... we pray together, we kiss, we hug, we embrace... our bodies feel good connected and pressed together affectionately... we feel skin to skin so much it tingles in love and emotion... we breathe, we kiss again, we are neck in neck, lips to ears, padding kisses...

I write poems, too...

Rainbow sight
Summer '91.

When life hits you
like this...

Thunder and lighting
crashing on your mind.
Total head winds trying
to blow you to your knees.
Shadows sinking your
stepping stones.
And out of it all... your heart screams
The sun comes out
to dry up the puddles.
What I see in you
after this goes on...
Rainbows in your eyes
glistening softly.
It happens when
The Son Reigns
in your heart.
There will be more
storms in the future.
But, keeping the love
in the heart of motivation
will keep your life
in order.
This is for you...

Some day my day dream
will come true.
I've got to keep that feeling
of lifting rainbows
with His promise in my heart.

Hi, yours truly. Made some changes to my true story, because I don't know who is reading everything and may think there is too much information.
I want to attract you... not distract you.
I have been a distraction for too many people here in my world... and that saddens my heart.😥

Do you like short stories?😲😳 It's all true, but it will take you a bit to read it, understand it, "breathe" and accept it. I am a very sweet guy. My heart is moved easily.
While my profile said honestly I am divorced, I had since remarried and... The prayers are for the pain I am going through. The one I am committed to has taken me for granted... blamed me for HER choices. Sorry if that upsets you, it's a measure as to why I ask for prayers.

You, want an honest man... I may have spoiled your desires towards me. Sorry. Please forgive me.🙄
So hurt these past few months, I seek for another love... a true love, an honest love for me without selfishness.
In my heart, this poem... Enjoy. 😎
First Too, Love... Lasting
December 17, 1990
I say it was love
at first sight.
It was only infatuation.
Her name seemed to be
engraved on my heart.
Disillusioned, I loved...
engulfed the affection
like it was the last
to do at a point in my life.
The inside of my heart...
blinded by this,
followed only what
it could see.
I let down my defenses
which I kept a secret.
And then, when she was gone,
I had nothing to hold me
up but a King.
A kind thought
which was my only
last hope.
As my heart
seemed to sink,
my knowledge rose.
Feeling like an empty tomb-
my heart was only
really rising.
My Savior, my Hero,
My Lord, My Life.

So, I signed up here at CF.
My heart ached and it still aches... because I am trapped in this until God gets me out of this situation. Will I trust a woman?🤔

I read about Filipina women, I almost cannot 😲 believe what I read on this CF site.😚
My heart searched for you long ago... I wrote in January 27, 1991 what love means to me...
L.O.V.E. is
Lord, Life given can
Open, obscure, openhearted
Very tight, heart closed
Eyes everlasting

Show what you feel
There's nothing to hide
Life's troubled matters
Will soon subside.
Just live for the day
Don't worry about tomorrow
Or it'll keep building up
filling the heart with sorrow.
Life is too good
To be wasting it away
Save up your goodness
For a rainy day.
Because you will need it
to show someone else...
They may have been hurt
From a tongue...
whipping like belts.
So cool down the tears
And warm up the heart
Tell them about the life
Which was given them in part.
He gave up His life
Because He wanted you to know
The feelings in His heart
From you it would show.

Filipino women really honour the man for their heart...🤭. I will reciprocate to you that honour and love... I hope you're ticklish because I may kiss your forehead and then do a raspberry on your cheeks and tummy.

I am sorry, I truly take responsibility for my choices.😐
I want to make better choices... Godly choices, where the woman tells me how God commands her life while she is willing to make choices without blame to God or other people.
My heart's plan for love in my life with that Godly woman... please let her be you!
Another poem of What my heart says:

January 9, 1991
I look forward
To see my name
Written on a page...

The powerful utensil
can change a universe.
It may move lines
on a map,
show where countries
are to be found.
How cities are plotted
And the way homes are built.
This utensil will
bring a man and a woman
closer to each other.
Creating a bond of love
and the need for companionship...
The demands of agreement
will sew their lives
together as they marry.
They will write down the
vows escaping from the
two hearts in one,
In union forever.
Forward in time
A name will be given
on paper, properly
titling the child,
Which the wife bore.
He will write his name
In the Bible He was given.
He will be taught the truth
And some day...Look forward
To see his creator's Son,
And his name written in the book of life.
Please, again, I ask that you pray for me. 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🌌
What type of person am I looking for? A woman who loves God, prays to God (at least daily!), a woman who loves her man for all he's worth to God! That is what I am looking for in a woman. I need her patience. I need time. I need her trust also in me to stand up for God. I need a woman who looks to me for spiritual and moral support... where my strengths are in my hands as I pray in faith to God. Well, my body isn't the strength I need it to be, but my heart tries to go forward... I know I am very lovable😚 and I can recipricate that love to the woman who allows me to love her for all that God allows me.
You've read this far... sorry it's so long but it's also so good to know.
Now for "some" sweet givings...
I always adored the Asian women. I think outside the box. I like most any railroad subject. I write poems. 2 Cor 9:15
I like dark and light colours together like zebras and anything striped. I also admire those who can cook and play music. I do get silly and have many safe jokes with humour.
Pray for me...
More about me...😏 I'm not overweight, but I could probably eat more. I eat to think... because I forget to eat. I have the body of a teenager...😏 a worn out teenager🙄. Almost smoothe 😚 chest😉 (not much hair- and not too hairy). I sunburn easy. I stay in the shade or have good sunblock, or long sleeve shirts. I have body aches and pains and sometimes it has to do with the weather.
Pray for me.
I have model trains... A LOT of model trains. Over 1, 800 pieces that I can put on the rails and have them roll, locomotives that toot and sound very real. They sound different from each other, too. Some have silly sounds, too. I also have a book collection of trains-real trains/railroads and model trains. I also get my camera and take pictures of real trains. I also like the sky-clouds, sunsets, stars and planets.
Pray for me.
My favourite animal is the zebra. And when I see a woman dressed in a zebra coloured outfit, I want to hug her.
Did you know there's a "train" in the bible?
"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he gets older he shall not depart from thee."
On a slightly sad note, I have two daughters who live with their mom-who makes sure they get so busy I don't get to see them. I don't want to be hurt the way their mother hurt me.😢 Please pray for me.
On the lighter side of my life, I like jokes, puns, playing with words, writing poems of many kinds (especially to woo a beautiful woman such as yourself). And speaking of you, I do need your prayers. My heart has been stretched out so much. Battered, pressed, thrown, ...but, I am still alive. And I still have much love in my heart to give to you. Please hold my hand, assure me of love, my love language is affirmations. I need to be told I am loved and am of value and purpose... purpose to be with you. I am not macho... but I am silly. I'm not bulky, but I give great hugs and kisses might want me to keep kissing you. As I can be very passionate and hold you close to me and look into your eyes and love your heart to the end. Pray for me, please.
😲Asian women do not age, or look their age. Okay, sometimes there are more wrinkles-but they are not deterrents of my attraction. I have "Buddy-Listed" at least a few ladies in their 60's... most are widows and my heart goes out to them deeply, because all I want to do is show them how much beauty they have still and I want them to know I desire to fill their hearts as much I want to cover their bodies with my arms (and legs) around them in a warm hug and not let go. Just so many I want them to embrace my over-flowing heart of respect and passion. That is how I feel towards the very mature women... their cooking ability is something I need and I just can't say enough about the beauties in their 60's.
Now, those 55-60. My gosh... veloptuous, cute, lovely...
I wish I could be the reason she smiles deeper, like a reward from God... the gift 2 Cor 9:15 ... for once, I want to feel that I am the gift, that only God can bestow upon a woman of her stature... I want to be the hero this time-my praise to God, my desire that God promises-my ability to reciprocate that very love this woman has asked of God, for Christ's sake, and so moved by the Holy Spirit. If my wallet mirrored my heart for all its worth and by the grace of God, grant that desire to me, put in my hands the love this woman has so much longed for into her hands.
A couple of weeks (October 25th) will be my 52nd birthday... yet, I am very sorry my heart aches and longs for God's plan that I be that gift to the woman He has chosen.
I had responded :'chubby'..." Ladies, any woman who's lighter than I am is not chubby. I do enjoy a woman with some "meat" on her bones. Yes, lighter is nice, but up to my weight (180lbs) is also someone I wouldn't have to worry much about squeezing too much. I'd want her to squeeze me just as much. I'm not worried about a woman who's 150lbs... I will either lift you up and sweetly spin or embrace you and massage where my hands are on your body. MMMmmmm🤗🥰😏🙄🙄😋😚
"God, I'm happy with her."
I know, a friendship in faith is the building block to a relationship, prayer keeps things in line, peace and communication is the bond that keeps our minds flowing... Love in Jesus keeps us together. Well, that's for starters... I can love a woman for those reasons. 😚This is my forward thinking with my heart out front. This is the positive note of my hope. So many beautiful women...
But, when ONE of you is in my arms and your sweet flavour smile is on mine and we look into each other's eyes, my heart is locked onto and into your heart. Until I meet you, please pray I am protected by the storms of my weekly/daily life.
Your Brother in Christ, John😚

Additional Information

Prefers to Meet Age:
25 to 62 (Strict age limits: no)
Marital Status:
Associate degree graduate
Caucasian (white)
Body Type:
170 lbs (77.1 Kg)
6' 0" (183 cm)
Have children:
Yes - but not at home
Want children:
Not sure
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English Standard Version
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